Ups & Downs of Blogging



When I decided to start blogging at the start of the year I really didn’t realise the weird and wonderful things that happen to you. There are some great things like connecting with new people and having interesting discussions, but there are also the downsides like those who take a real dislike to you and badger you for an opinion you have or a point you’ve made.

One of the most interesting things for me is the international nature of the readers and visitors I’ve had. From the expected UK, Australia, Canada and the USA through to the more unusual Occupied Palestine, Qatar, Gambia and Lebanon, I have welcomed viewers from 101 different countries which is brilliant, bizarre and wonderful all the same breath. It surprises me that people from these far-flung places would have any interest in my ramblings or opinions but I’m very grateful that they have taken the time to have a look.

Then there are the unintentionally funny visitors. You get stats for your blog so I can see how many people are visiting etc but the most interesting one is what people have put into search engines to then click on a link to these pages – some must be seriously disappointed. The following are genuine searches that have been made for people to click onto my blog:

  • pope benedict xvi evil
  • brazil sex
  • fuckfilms
  • putin topless
  • i’m delighted she’s dead
  • north korea are dicks
  • sex jds
  • monkey tennis by slap
  • rubber sex doll
  • can i have inappropriate music at my funeral
  • ant and dec gay
  • fat cock eyed
  • cocky sheep
  • helen flanagan confused face

There are much darker and disturbing ones on the list but I thought I’d spare you those. It does make me wonder what people are looking for with some of these searches and why on earth they would click on to my blog rather than go to a site about their “interest”.

There are issues that come up by putting opinions and thoughts out in the public domain though. My aim is never to offend anyone but some people will always disagree with my stances or even for discussing certain subjects. Through Twitter I have had some really interesting discussions with people who, like me, think that talking about issues and generating debate on certain subjects is the best way to deal with them. It’s the way I was brought up and the way I deal with everything – I don’t think we should hide or ignore issues because pretending they are not there is not a healthy way to live. I’d rather open a subject up and hear and contribute ideas to a conversation on it. Some people hold very strong views on some subjects because of their own experiences and lives and I respect that, but to berate others for holding a different opinion is not a positive way of looking at a subject. One of the joys of a free and democratic society is that everyone can have their own position on a subject. On the flip side I’ve had some lovely messages and support from people who have read the blog and enjoyed it.

The blog is really for me to do three things: 1. give me a creative outlet since I stopped playing with the band; 2. get myself into the discipline of sitting down and writing each day as I want to write a book or stage play in the next year or so, but I know how bad I am at making time for things and hopefully this will get me into a way of working; and 3. to help me with my head and be able to reflect back on posts I’ve made when struggling with depressive periods or to help me get ideas out of my head to make room for the important stuff. So far I think it’s working for me and I enjoy it and I’m pleased that other people follow the blogs and me both on here and on Twitter.

I don’t claim to know everything or to have solutions to the stories of the day, but I hope that I can generate a debate about some of the bigger issues. You might not always agree with what I say, as I won’t always agree with your argument, but the fact we can have that discussion is a great thing. So to the fifteen and a half thousand of you who have read something I have written – thank you and I hope I can keep this going for a whole year as a personal challenge.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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