F*ckface von Clownstick



F*ckface von Clownstick (The name Jon Stewart gave him) continues to baffle me as a person – I sometimes wonder if he is a comedy character rather than a real person. There’s a lot to admire about Donald Trump: his charity work, the fact he lost everything and built it up again – but at the same time his mad ramblings over Obama’s birth certificate, constant lawsuits and numerous bizarre interviews on Fox make it difficult to like the guy. And I’m sure he couldn’t give two sits about my opinion anyway – so here goes.

He decided to build a world class golf course just a few miles from my home which is bringing and will continue to bring money into the area. With a second golf course, hotel and homes to come it’ll be a positive thing financially for the North East of Scotland. But his right wing attitudes, ‘interesting’ tweets on Blacks and Hispanics in America and his bully boy attitude he doesn’t win friends easily – but then when you’re Donald Trump why would you have to?

He’s back in the news because he’s spent $1m to see if a run for President in 2016 would get him enough support. I really can’t see him doing a great job there because he’s too used to doing things his own way and as President – as we’ve seen with Obama – what you want is at the discretion of the Congress and House of Representatives. Trump wouldn’t cope well with that block to action very well. I also think he would be difficult to “spin” and keep on message – regardless what you think of him and the sanity of his opinions you have to respect the man’s balls to say what he thinks, however wrong he can be. He battled for years over Obama’s birth certificate only to have all the official documents released and he was proved wrong, but still went on TV to challenge the President to reveal more documentation.

In the Trump vs Obama feud, this was my favourite moment by far:

For as much flack and nonsense that goes with “The Donald” I actually like the guy – and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s his determination and tenacity (hair) or the fact that he doesn’t care what people say about him but I think he’s an interesting character and life would be much duller without him. Mind you I’m not sure he always understands we’re sometimes laughing at him because he’s had a sense of humour bypass (doesn’t like The Daily Show or Modern Family!) and his logic isn’t always consistent in his speeches. However the last thing I think America and the rest of the world needs now is President Trump – yes it’d be a gift for the comedians and satirists, but I think it’s a joke too far. Stick to the businesses, golf courses and Apprentice Mr Trump and you’ll continue to be a sideshow we can all enjoy rather than a main act that we all discover isn’t as funny as we once thought (See Boris Johnson for further details)



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