Happy Father’s Day



Happy Father’s Day everyone. It’s that day of the year that us dads get the preferential treatment – or as I found out this morning in bed, a piley on from my two rugrats. Jenna hanging round my neck while Jake decided to blow raspberries on my tummy. And because it was father’s day this lasted for longer than usual with the added joy of Jenna trying to climb up inside my t-shirt at the back to join me at the neck while Jill nearly wet herself laughing. Ah parenthood!

What is it to be a dad these days? We always hear about how redundant men are in society from angry women in dungarees, but it’s the best job I’ve ever had – but apparently one you can’t resign from. My kids cheer me up and send me round the bend in fairly equal measures whether it’s the morning wrestling match, the trampoline wrestling match or the sofa wrestling match. I seem to get into trouble as much as the kids from Jill, but they started it. As a Dad there is nothing better than the moment you open the door and they run towards you for a hug – that is my favourite part of the day without question and I’m going to enjoy it as long as it lasts because I’m aware the hug changes into an outstretched hand for money within years.

Being Dad you have to learn very quickly how to embarrass your kids through singing, silly voices and dancing. I do enjoy the fake opera singing that sparks hands over ears from the menaces but they’re too young for the Dad dancing embarrassment yet as they just join in thinking that’s how you are supposed to move to music – bless them. You also have to develop your silly voices for the bedtime story, which isn’t a problem as long as you remember which voice is which each night. With Jake I’m currently reading the BFG and my Queen impression is more LOL than HRH and the Giant himself floats between Len Goodman and an extra from Eastenders. The most difficult one had to be James and the giant Peach which led to me getting very confused which voice I was supposed to do for each character – luckily Jake is so engrossed in the story he didn’t notice when I did the wrong one.

The other Dad duty is being Mr DIY. Anyone who knows me will be aware my own dad is the King of DIY and I’ve learned to stay out of his way and let him get on with it – hence the reason there are several wobbly, unlevel and broken things around the house that I have attempted. To be fair if no-one ever used the toilet roll holder (or if you’re Jenna use it as a handle to pull yourself on and off the toilet) then I’m sure it would be fine. Mind you I’m convinced the kids are more at fault for the broken drawers, detached curtain rails and wobbly door handles that me and my crap DIY skills. I’m not a natural gardener either and I can’t tell you one end of a car engine from the other so I don’t score highly in those dad stakes.

All that matters are those hugs and the fun we have together as a family. So all those fellow Dads – especially Steven Webster, Scott Christie and Terry East who are enjoying their first Father’s Day, and Chris Stopper who is patiently waiting for his first one – have a great day and enjoy them because they grow up so fast.


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