Saatchi Idiot



“A playful tiff” said Mr Saatchi today in response to the outrage of the images of him with his hand on wife Nigella Lawson’s throat. While it’s not my place to comment on the person life of these two I think I have the right to say that I disagree with his point – it’s not playful to do this sort of thing in a public lace, or in private, or at all really.

To grab someone by the throat is a threatening thing –  in this case Mr Saatchi claims there was no pressure. For me this is not an excuse or a “get out of jail free” card. That fact that he had a hand around his wife’s windpipe is not acceptable and he should be embarrassed to try to laugh it off. I would never, even jokingly, do this sort of thing to my wife or any woman – as a man it is wrong to hold a woman by the throat. Image and perception are everything and while I’m not saying that this is an example of it, there are hundreds of women and men who are victims of domestic abuse that will find it offensive and not feel that it is something that should be dealt with in such a casual way.

I have never seen anyone try to get their partner’s attention in his way and hope that I never do. While this is a matter for them to sort out themselves and not for us to gossip about, I think that as a public figure Nigella is someone the public cares about and will be concerned about following these pictures. She needs to nip the issue in the bud quickly because silence will let the press come to their own conclusions, right or wrong. She just needs to clarify thins from her position to draw a line under the whole affair.

I hope that everything is okay and that this is just a way the two of them deal with things, because the alternative is simply unacceptable.



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