Let Brady Die


Ian Brady

Ian Brady is at a Mental Health Tribunal because he wants to be sent back to jail where they can’t force feed him through a tube to keep him alive. Let him die, why should we continue to spend money on a man who doesn’t deserve any more of our time or money?

The Tribunal at Ashworth Hospital has seen his diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia challenged by Brady himself so he can leave the hospital; officials, doctors and experts are putting the case that he has not changed and will just revert to the hallucinations and dangerous behaviour that got him sectioned in the first place. Section 7 of the Declaration of Tokyo on torture states: Where a prisoner refuses nourishment and is considered by the physician as capable of forming an unimpaired and rational judgment concerning the consequences of such a voluntary refusal of nourishment, he or she shall not be fed artificially. The decision as to the capacity of the prisoner to form such a judgment should be confirmed by at least one other independent physician. The consequences of the refusal of nourishment shall be explained by the physician to the prisoner. If Brady’s mental illness was deemed to be “cured” or “gone” then they couldn’t continue to feed him through the tube.

The expert in the Tribunal Dr James Collins claims that if he is returned to a prison “He has always said prison is horrible. He had a horrible time at Durham and he would not come out of his room at Parkhurst. He is going to be frightened… he won’t admit it. He is going to be dreading the consequences. I am not sure he will come out of his room.” While I respect the doctor’s prognosis and opinions, why are we continuing to keep an animal like Brady alive when neither he or anyone out with this story want him on this earth anymore.

The outcome will more than likely be that he’s kept in hospital until he dies. Strange that as a society we give these convicted child killers so much protection and respect when he didn’t have the same view on the lives of the five youngsters he and Hindley killed. While I appreciate these laws and conventions are there to protect against torture, in this case I’d make an exception.


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