Ten Stone Testicles


Wesley Warren

Wesley Warren Jr has had his “Ten stone scrotum” removed and he’s not happy with the result.

The 132lb sack of fluid that built up was removed for free by a surgeon and he result is on Channel 4 next Monday night (24th June) at 9pm on a Bodyshock Special. Doctor say that this is an unusual thing to get in the US and is more common in Africa because the parasites that cause it are more likely to live there. There was a chance they would have had to cut his genitals off altogether if they couldn’t stop the bleeding from the sac in the operation, but fortunately they managed to effectively save his parts. His criticism is that the operation has left his manhood only an inch long.

While this appears to be ripe or lots of jokes and innuendo it must be difficult for Mr Warren to have finally got the life saving operation only to discover that his dream outcome didn’t happen. He said that he “only wanted to urinate like a normal man and have a romantic relationship with a woman”. It must be difficult that the fantasy of becoming “normal” after this sort of operation wasn’t the reality for him and he feels as disfigured now as he did before. He said he felt like a “freak” before” and was embarrassed about his condition which lead to high blood pressure and asthma but now he feels he is “disfigured”.

Because of where the surgery was on his body it is seen as an easy target for humour, but this is a real human being with real emotions having to deal with people staring, mocking and laughing at him. He considered selling the growth to make the money to have the operation, he was willing to appear on TV and radio shows to get publicity to help him have the sac removed, he struggled with health issues and depression – he risked the ridicule he is now receiving to try to improve his life.

Initially you hear about this sort of thing and yes you have a wee chuckle to yourself, but beyond that I have huge sympathy for a man who just wants to be normal and live as other men do. The only option he had to get the operation done in the end was to go on TV and get a documentary made about it in exchange for the procedure. He probably won’t be able to have a physical relationship or kids and for many men those are two of the most important things in their lives. So while the jokes, emails and texts fly around remember that this is a stranger who did what he had to do to help save his life – if it had been any other part of his body there wouldn’t be the same uproar and hilarity involved. Give the guy a break and wish him well instead.


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