The Longest Day



The Summer Solstice; the beginning of three months of summer apparently. Wish someone had told the weather as the first day of rain for ages strikes. What a difference the weather makes to your mood even though you’re stuck inside looking out at the sun there is still the joy of popping out at lunchtime for a stroll or at the end of the day getting into the car and turning up the radio and the air conditioning.

And the summer means lots of jobs to be done. Six weeks without having to do any work for the first year in ages – no band and no school work; will I know what to do with myself? Of course! Lots of day trips with the kids planned, me and Jill getting a few days to ourselves too hopefully, and jobs around the house to be done. I haven’t really had the chance to run at the house properly since we moved in back in October and there’s jobs I’ve been putting off ever since (Mind you if it’s anything like previous years I’ll have good intentions but only get halfway through the list of “things to do”)

We’re supposed to get the most hours of daylight today before the night start drawing in again, so half the year has gone already. Where have those six months gone? It was only the other day we were moving in and then celebrated Christmas in the house for the first time. Change of house and now a change of job come August it’s been a busy twelve months and it’s not over yet.

What’s next then? New challenges are exciting but I’ll probably take time to settle into the new job so again things may have to go on the back burner for a few months. Then there’s the band. With a couple of gigs already booked in for next year I’m still not sure how much I want to do when we start up again or what shape the band will take and that’s something I will have to think seriously about this Summer. We’ll need to replace and refresh things which will be fun, but having not working weekends for the last nine months has also been great – weekends have meant I’ve had a break between the ends of the working week for the first time in twenty years.

Decisions, decisions. Think I need the longest summer to sort things out never mind the longest day.


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