Here’s an idea for you Gideon…



Welcome to Maths 101 with the Tory Party and their less than glamorous assistant the Lib Dums – remember there ain’t no party like a Bullingdon party kids! Yes the Toff to the stars, the Chopper Chancellor, The Austerity-meister himself is back and this time he’s cutting your wages! Roll up, roll up your sleeves for more Austerity with Gideon! The Man with the money Machete took to the dispatch box and severed more money from the departments that support local government, culture, environment all face cuts as do the Home Office, Work & Pensions, Business and Energy. He’s a card is old Gideon.

What he didn’t mention was the other headline of the day – The High Speed Rail Link is going to cost around £10bn more than anticipated. Funny that because he just cut £11.5bn from our basic services and local councils. I’m no expert but I think those two numbers are quite similar and one could stop the other happening.  Oh and that Austerity will continue to plague the country until at least 2020 because of the lack of investment being made in the infrastructure of the country whilst making the cuts elsewhere. “isn’t the HS2 investing in the infrastructure?” No we need roads, bridges, schools, hospitals etc being invested in to balance the cuts. George doesn’t think this is the  way forward and is modelling his approach on the German model of the 1980s and early 90s that saw them gain strength. What he fails to realise is that we are twenty or more years past that and circumstances have changed and the world markets and influences are much closer than they were during that period.

So will Labour sweep in at the next election and sort this mess out? No because they have already agreed to work by the guidelines and spending of this administration. The SNP want to cost us all a fortune by going independent so what option do we have left? Is the Monster Raving Loony Party still on the go????


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