Katie Hopkins – WTF?


Katie Hopkins

Since when did we start taking advice from fourth-rate reality TV show contestants? Seems bizarre to me that this hypocritical snob as the audacity to judge others yet seems oblivious to her own shortcomings.

I had been avoiding the whole Katie Hopkins nonsense because she is the kind of person that thrives on negative publicity and looks for reactions by stirring up the hornet’s nest as often as possible. The problem is when you are doing this you need to have a degree of tongue in cheek alongside a pinch of truth – all she did in her attack on children and parents was to deride others purely based on the name they gave their child. If Hopkins truly believes this then she deserves to be pitied more than anything else to be so short-sighted that you cannot see past a name in such an aggressive and judgemental way.

Within her tirade was a genuine point that too often parents are giving their children unusual and quirky names to make them stand out from the crowd, or worse bizarre spellings of normal names. What some parents forget is the kids has to live their whole life with that moniker and some are embarrassing. That is a simple point that the majority would agree with, not the malicious attack on the Tylers, Brandons, Bethanys and Ethans of this world that she decided was acceptable on daytime TV.

Yes parents need to take responsibility for their kid’s name and yes it should be sensible enough to allow them to grow up without spending every day explaining or spelling their names to everyone they meet – but even if they get it “wrong” according to Katie Hopkins they haven’t actually done anyone any harm. What this is an example of is the modern face of the upper middle class snob in action. A species which doesn’t have the best of everything but likes to pretend it does – most of the gadgets, baubles and motors are not owned only hired because the reality is they are living well outside their means. They may have got firsts at University but they don’t have a mix of friends from across the social spectrum, instead they stick to their own and look down their noses at everyone else sneering at the life choices they make.

The sad irony is that despite her protests her own child is called India despite the claim that children shouldn’t be given geographical names. “oh but there’s a reason…” she splutters when The Schofe points out her double standards – no there’s not Katie, it’s a simple case of you decide to go off on a tirade, get carried away and get caught out. You are a hypocrite, a snob and frankly I would let my children play with yours because they would come in contact with you and that is unacceptable. Your negative (and wrong) view of intellectualism and class is another example of your complete lack of understanding of how society works. You are only famous because you realised you were about to be sacked and jumped from a TV reality competition; then your extra curricular activities in fields and on the “This Morning” sofa have kept you in a flickering spotlight that you have used to spew forth this bile upon a nation who frankly can’t stand you.

If you can define what it is to be an intellectual, and explain to us how class is defined by name – when it would take two minutes on the street to find two different people with the same name that have different lives – and clarify why you as a nobody has any right to tell everyone else what is right and wrong then perhaps I’d listen to you. “This Morning” should know better than allow you on the show, but then it’s also publicity for them and we know that with ITV and the commercial channels it’s all about ratings no doubt you’ll be back on soon with more nonsensical opinions. But I won’t be watching or listening to you.

I’ve been restraining myself from just shouting and swearing in this blog, because I loathe those who look down on others in this way from their ignorant, shallow and inflated positions – so I’ll leave it to you instead. Here is the clip and I invite you to shout and swear on my behalf, and the behalf of intelligent, well read, decent, well brought up, polite people that she is tarring with her ugly brush.


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