Andy Murray is Wimbledon Champion!


Murray Champion

Makes you so proud! Andy Murray now holds two Grand Slam Titles and the Olympic title and who says we can’t play tennis (Monty Python?).

Without question this is the greatest achievement for a Brit at Wimbledon in the Modern Era – or any era really because of the competition out there now. He had to beat the best player in the world and he not only beat him but did it in straight sets and dominated most of the game. He was able to mix up shot selection and covered so much ground I’m surprised he had the legs left to climb up to celebrate with his family. Congratulations Andy Murray – you can guarantee rewards and awards will be winging their way to you for the foreseeable future.

The match was phenomenal and I haven’t seen anyone make Novak Djokavic look so pedestrian in ages, but in his usual classy way Djokovic was very graceful in his position as runner up. These two have known each other for over a decade and have played on tours both junior and senior, shared rooms and played tennis getting to know each other really well. They have now replaced Nadal and Federer as the two best players in the world – if you don’t believe me just look at their records over the last 12 months in the major tournaments.

And still on a day of celebration there are the negative idiots and those spoiling for a fight. From message boards to social media the numpties are out in force with their sabre rattling following the lead of the most embarrassing image of a country’s leader since Yeltsin fell over pissed a decade or so ago. Alex “Jabba” Salmond decided he would sit in the Royal Box and unfurl a Flag of St Andrew to celebrate the win. I have nothing against him being there to represent Scotland as our first Minister, but the stunt was cheap and tacky and ultimately a sleazy political statement. It was the same last year when Cameron & Osborne tried to boost their popularity by appearing constantly at the Olympics.

Then there are all the dafties online who are saying “He’s Scottish” or  “Scotland’s Champion” and arguing with anyone who says that he is British – if they took the time to check, he was representing the UK at the Tournament so the “British” thing is accurate. Yes he’s Scottish and I’m as proud as anyone that the Wimbledon, US Open and Olympic Champion comes from a small town just down the road, but there’s no need to get angry about it or make it political issue. If Mr Salmond really thinks that that will endear him to voters then he is very much mistaken – he was more like a drunk uncle ata primary school sports day.

This was a tennis match and a bloody good one at that and all those looking for an argument and wanting to make it a political thing have embarrassed themselves. Today belongs to Andy Murray: A gentleman, a national hero and a great champion. Well Done Sir…Hmmm Sir Andy does have a nice ring to it!


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