It’s a not funny old game!



Two vastly different but equally disturbing football stories in the press today.

Firstly the decapitated referee in Brazil. Yes you read it right.  Otavio da Silva was refereeing a match in northern Brazil and sent the player, Josenir dos Santos, off the field of play. The player refused and the two of them started fighting on the pitch throwing punches at each other. Things escalated and the referee stabbed the player killing him. The friends and family of the player then stormed the pitch and mutilated and beheaded him for killing Santos. It seems like something out of a horror or even zombie film rather than a football match. There are loads of questions to be answered around the event, but none more so that why the ref had a knife on him in the first place and why on earth he would stab a player. The police have someone in custody for the referee’s murder.

The second story is sadly another example of footballers in this country not behaving themselves. Six Crewe Alexandra players have been arrested on suspicion of a sex attack on a woman in her early twenties. When are these footballers going to learn? Every year our newspapers and internet news sites carry multiple stories of players accused of rape, sexual attacks, ABH, GBH and other crimes. With the amount of sex attacks and alleged rapes, there needs to be a serious clamp down on player regarding their conduct. They are well paid professionals and I’m sick fed up of their behaviour and attitudes specifically towards women. It never seems to cross their minds that going to a girl’s room/hotel/house in a gang is not appropriate behaviour. In this case there is not charge been brought yet, but the perception of footballers and their extra curricular activities is bringing the game into disrepute.

Women should not be going off with a group of players in the first place, but that does not excuse the repeated cases of sexual assault, rape and other crimes that are reported. If players cannot conduct themselves properly in public they should have their contracts terminated. The amount of money they make and the role they play in their communities as ambassadors for the club, working with local kids groups, community outreach programmes and charity they should learn to behave themselves instead of acting like pack animals on heat.

Like most of these stories they bring all the hard-working and decent players down with them as the perception is that we currently have a group of idiotic, uneducated, sexually aggressive footballers in the UK. We know the vast majority of players are good people and would never put themselves in those positions or behave in that way. Unfortunately perception is a strong  thing and the more stories that come out, the more likely we are to automatically believe them. Too often issues are brushed under the carpet in football because of the money involved for both parties, but if found guilty I’d like to see clubs, especially the bigger ones, lead by example and remove this scum from the game.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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