Comedy Coming Soon


You wait for ages for a good British Comedy to come along and two are on the radar this Summer!

First up is Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Norwich’s favourite son returns to cause more chaos this summer as he finds himself at the centre of a hostage  negotiation at his radio station. Steve Coogan is a great character actor, but it’s the scripts from Armando Iannucci and Peter Baynham alongside Coogan that make the character so cringingly brilliant. His complete lack of self awareness is key to the character, but then the development of a sad and lonely man behind the media face makes the character three dimensional and someone you want to see time and again. It’s scary to think that it’s nearly twenty years since Partridge was first on our screen in “The Day Today” – before this he was heard on the Radio 4 show “On the Hour” but the visual of the smirk and the puzzlement on his face at all opportunities is key.

Then it’s Frost/Pegg/Wright Pt III – The World’s End

A graduate of Partridge is Simon Pegg and through Spaced, Big Train and anything else funny from the early 90s through to the two new Star Trek films, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz the third film the three amigos have to offer is a buddy/road/drinking/sci-fi/robot hybrid…with hilarious consequences! It’s great to see so many fantastic actor together in this, as the lads always have. The first two in the series were brilliant and unlike most it was Hot Fuzz that was my favourite of the two (of course I loved Shaun but c’mon Timothy Dalton folks!) Even a bad film with either Simon Pegg or Nick Frost is still a better film than most.

Then these three are on the radar for later this year:

For the cast alone I want to see Last Vegas

De Niro, Freeman, Douglas and Kline take on Las Vegas – it’s like The Hangover for the Sanatogen generation. I know a lot of people aren’t fans of De Niro in comedies but I love him letting loose and the same goes for Freeman. Douglas hasn’t done an out and out comedy for a while and Kevin Kline is always god Value on screen and is a woefully underused actor. Maybe there’ll be too many egos on screen but even if it’s terrible I know it’s one of those films that I’ll secretly enjoy even if it’s panned.

De Niro Again in The Family

Again here’s a cast list that you wouldn’t sneeze at – Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Pfeiffer co-star in this Mob Boss in witness protection. A much darker and action packed film than we’ve seen for a while, but with Scorsese producing what else do you expect? Relocated to Normandy in France it doesn’t take long for this family to revert back to type signalling their whereabouts to those who are hunting them down. Looks good.

Finally this year will not be complete without…


and indeed

Do I need to say anything more????



Thoughts? Then share them!

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