Cory Monteith


Cory Monteith

Whether a tragic accident, natural causes or a drugs overdose it was not his time and it leaves behind a huge space in the life of his family and those close to him. Many fans of the show will mourn his passing as it appeared that he’d lived the fame rollercoaster in reverse having done the drugs and wild parties before he became famous at the age of nineteen. Glee brought him a worldwide fame and he was open and honest about the demons that he struggled with, wanting to be honest so others could see his survival as a sign that there can be a way through addiction. In the end perhaps he had only found a detour and ended up back where he started.

His partner and co-star Lea Michelle stood by him through all the issues and rehab and deserved better than the outcome she and his family now have to face. While it hasn’t been confirmed as a drug overdose or death links to illegal substances it is another example of the too long list of people who have taken before their time because they couldn’t beat an addiction. I’m of the opinion that if you know what it is and what it does then you are at least making an informed choice – to just tell people not to take drugs you are wasting your time. While I don’t advocate that people take drugs I’d rather people knew all the facts and if they are going to try things they should be educated in the details about these substances before making a decision to take them. Unfortunately there are many who don’t have the ability to stop once they start – but again if they know the dangers before hey start then it’s on their shoulders.

I’ve been witness to people who have torn their lives apart with drugs and also seen the fatal consequences of a couple who did not know when to stop. It’s not a good thing to watch and no matter what you say or do they will continue until they themselves learn to walk away or ask for help. Too often people don’t get to that point before it’s too late.

Thoughts are with Cory’s family and friends


Here’s an interview of Cory from a year or so ago.

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