Let’s get Quizzical!



Ah the Pub Quiz – not to be sexist but it is the home for the sad male that knows too much about everything and not enough about any one thing to shine. I love them!

It is the one place (apart from Pointless of course) that all those random facts and nonsense you have lurking in the back of your mind come in useful. Only in that dark corner on a beer soaked table in an old fashioned pub can us strange creatures come together to test our grey matter against the quiz master. They are great fun, but there always that one really competitive team who take it more seriously than they should – you can usually tell them as they all have pens, notebooks and an unfunny name. When we went regularly to pub quizzes during my student years we tended to call ourselves The Muppets or a variation there upon. My favourite is still “Crouching Fraggle Hidden Muppet”.

I’m not the best quizzer in the world but I like to just take part and have a laugh with it. My specialist subjects are usually music, TV and film but these days I tend to be asking the questions rather than sitting answering them. Tonight I’m sitting in the quiz master’s chair as super sub for Graeme at the Queen Vic which is always a good quiz with lots of teams, but this’ll be my first time in charge of things. I enjoy making quizzes up as it not only stretches my own mind but it’s fun seeing the moments of recognition or the wee “eureka” moments around the room. I am guilty of making my quizzes quite in-depth and occasionally very geeky, but it separates the men from the boys.

There are some things that really annoy me about pub quizzes though: The mobile phone cheats who sit quite openly on their phones and Google the answers (very often hungry and thirsty students desperate for a meal or drinks voucher!) but they just spoilt things and tae the fun out of it for the casual player like myself. Then there are the drunks that can’t help themselves from shouting out wrong answers – because they are such funny funny people! W*nkers. The team that takes too long to hand in the answers are also ones not to be trusted in my opinions – there’s always a convenient trip to the toilet or out for a fag before the sheet gets handed in. It should just be a wee bit of fun.

I know my love of quizzes comes from my mum as she used to love watching all the game and quiz shows on TV when I was a kid. Today there are not that many really good quiz shows that stretch and test your knowledge in the way there were say twenty years ago. My favourites have to be Pointless, Only Connect, University Challenge, Mastermind and I don’t mind the Chase. I think that as great as Millionaire was it did result in making a lot of quiz shows about the money and not the questions – the long pauses in between each one asked gets tiresome, when that’s not the reason you’re watching.

So off to the pub for a couple of hours – not a bad way to spend a Monday evening!


Thoughts? Then share them!

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