It’s like being on Holiday!


Aberdeen Beach

Right you lot stop bloody moaning! You’re never happy are you? We have the best weather in years and all I’m hearing is “It’s too hot!”, “You can’t do anything in this heat!” and “We’re not used to this!”. Just for once stop your grumbling and enjoy it – in a few weeks this will be a distant memory and you’ll be rattling your gums about how cold it is for August and would the rain just stop for a while. Here’s a wee thought that will cheer you up – think of all those people who have spent a fortune booking themselves expensive foreign holidays while we are sitting enjoying this weather free of charge! I know brilliant isn’t it. It is like the best holiday ever because you have all your home comforts, you can get a tan, go to the beach, get a decent ice cream, all the food is what you are used to and everyone speaks the language – how could it be better?

We had a great wee road trip to Livingston and Ikea over the last two days without the kids and it was bliss. Got ourselves lots of new clothes and shoes, then had a great laugh charging round Ikea getting all the things we wanted for the house, and then other things we didn’t need but just fancied! The money we could have spent on a holiday went on new furniture for several rooms and it was more fun than sitting in an airport for hours waiting to sit on a plane for another few hours, before sitting on a bus for another couple of hours – in that time we drove down, shopped, shopped some more, got some food and then kicked back at the hotel. The drive back up was fantastic – Scotland suits sunshine it makes the scenery even more beautiful as the light reflects off the sea and the hills releasing the colours from behind the veneer of grey we’re all so used to.

The other thing that makes it feel like a holiday is that everyone I happier because the weather is so good. In St Andrews people were sitting outside with drinks and friends, everyone was smiling and the world seemed right. Even old monotone Aberdeen comes to life when the sun shines on it. The usual morose granite shines like square disco balls on every street, kids are playing in their gardens and neighbours are out chatting enjoying the warmth. This is more like it – when we hear the yearning for the summers of yesteryear we’ll now be able to join in as the summer of 2013 started with Andy Murray winning Wimbledon  and then the sun shone on us in celebration for a couple of weeks. Paddling pools, ice lollies and garden furniture are selling out in every shop and you can hear the kids in their gardens splashing and laughing as the smell of dusty barbeques waft across housing estates.

“Some of us have to work you know!” Yes but the weather is still great in the evenings when you’re finished and if you are the type of person who doesn’t leave the office until it’s getting dark then it’s time you reassessed your priorities because you’re a long time dead buddy! Get out there in the evening as it’s still in the mid twenties until the back of nine; get down the beach for a walk and a 99. Sit out in your garden with a cheeky midweek glass of wine or a beer and pop your feet in the kid’s paddling pool with your work trousers rolled up and live a little!

You know we won’t see this weather again for another few years so stop your whining and your negativity and get out there and enjoy the parks, the beaches, the golf courses, the hill walking, café culture and beer gardens before it starts pissing rain again. Go on! Stop reading this rubbish and get outside – you know that place in-between work and home.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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