I’m off to Dubai for Ramadan! (Not really but I wish I was)



Authorities in Dubai are offering gold in return for weight loss in an scheme to encourage healthier living.

Those interested can sign-up from Friday for the initiative which lasts over the next 30 days and coincides with Ramadan, a month of fasting.

For each kilogram lost, participants will receive a gram of gold, which is currently worth about $45 (£30). – BBC Website

I’m in! You do wonder though, how much is spent in the NHS on tackling morbidly obese related diseases and how much cheaper it would be to “sponsor” people to lose weight. This could be the very idea to help those struggling with money in these austere times to cash in and lose weight at the same time. Think about it – if all the diet foods, gyms and other health related industries pulled together with the government we would remove the “fat of the land” in a month. Most people (and I include myself) have lost weight only to put it back on – so let’s add the twist that you only get paid one year after the month you lose weight to ensure it stays off and if you put on more than 10% of your original loss you forfeit the payment.

We know that the public are greedy but low on willpower so what better way to cure more of society’s ills through paying people?

Want to stop smoking? Well what if we paid you for every cigarette you didn’t smoke? Car insurance – if you don’t make a claim on your insurance after two years you get the third year free. If you have to take on a second job to make ends meet you pay no tax on the lower of the two incomes. See there are lots of possible opportunities to get involved in a money making scheme and this would kick start the economy again.

Too much? Probably. We live in a world where we constantly see people with their hands out expecting something for nothing or to be rewarded for doing what is expected anyway. While I see the gold for weight loss thing as a publicity stunt to try to get some people to consider their body shape, there will be those who abuse the system and others who do it for the money only to return to their former weight within a few weeks. But perhaps there is a carrot and stick combination needed to encourage rather than reward people to take the initiative in their own lives. We can see from Mr Rhyming Slang – Jeremy Hunt’s approach to the NHS is slowly stripping it of all dignity – that we need to look at alternative models to ensure the NHS at its core is still a free at point of requirement service. Rather than privatise look at alternative systems and “rewards” that could help the Service rather than just strip it of its assets.


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