My Nephew Archie


Archie Stopper

There may not be the world’s media waiting outside, but this was the most important birth today as far as I am concerned – Ladies and Gentlemen please meet my new nephew Archie Stopper.

After a marathon delivery Kay and Chris are proud parents of a beautiful healthy wee (well, 8lb 12oz) boy and all are well. Even Chris who didn’t faint or anything. Our two are champing at the bit to meet their new cousin, and we’re excited too as we get ready to go and meet the latest addition to the family.

Not bad for a young girl who once said that she’d never get married or have kids, but I’m so glad she did both. Chris will be a great father as he is always so good with our two and despite his size he’s just a big softy. Kay will be Kay and take everything in her stride as usual and I’m positive that she will be a great mum to Archie too. Both sets of grandparents now have a new grandson to spoil rotten too and you can guarantee that Christmas will be epic for them all this year.

So proud of my little sis for bringing yet more chaos to the family – and I can’t wait to be the daft Uncle to him. I can hardly believe it’s been three years since our last wee bundle of mayhem came home with us as Jenna celebrates her birthday tomorrow now the cousins have a birthday a day apart. They grow up so quickly – when I look at our two who are 6 and 3 it seems a lifetime ago since we strapped them in to the car for their journey home.

Welcome to world Archie!


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