Happy Birthday Jennabear



She is without question the maddest, daftest and loopiest bear in the house – and that’s going some considering the meds I’m on – but it’s been a great day with Jenna on her 3rd Birthday.

She is such a funny little girl. Until recently she would only dress up in superhero outfits so when invited to a Disney party she was the only girl there in a Spiderman outfit instead of a fairy princess dress. Over the last couple of months though she has really taken to a show on Disney Junior called “Sofia the First” and now it’s gone the other way where she is the girliest girl round. Princess dresses, saying everything is “beautiful” or “sweet” or “cute”, curtseying and being a little princess in every way. Mind you the next minute she’s trying to do a headstand in the middle of the living room with her bare arse in the air for all to see so she won’t be invited to any debutantes balls in the near future.

She loves Jake to bits too and dotes on him wherever he is and whatever he is doing. This morning when she was opening her presents – which takes half the day – she decided she had enough presents and that Jake should have some of them too. She just wouldn’t accept that they were all for her. The reason that she takes so long to open her gifts is because each one gets the full once-over from her making sure that it is  good and fun to get. To be honest if you only gave her one thing she’d be perfectly happy with that.

We took her and Jake to the Beach Leisure Centre today and again her complete lack of fear was apparent when it was her and not Jake who enjoyed the flumes the most. She just seems to lack that part of her brain that suggests “this might be dangerous” and runs towards it as if it were a challenge. From her gymnastic attempts to her famed run and jumps on to whoever is closest she is a wild child alright – I’ve never (and neither has anyone else) seen a kid so constantly on the move as she is. She rarely stops at all during the day and can last a whole day and well into the evening on a couple of slices of toast, a smoothie and a handful of strawberries. Tonight after only half an hour’s kip in the car on the way home from the Beach she lasted from just before 9am this morning through until 10.30pm.

She does however give the best hugs and her squeezy shoogly hugs are a real tonic when you’re tired or have a had a hard day. She is so sweet at times and then in the next breath she’s running around with a toy golf club hitting anything that looks aerodynamic, and some things that aren’t. Often if I’m sitting in the office blogging or surfing the net she’ll come through and demand a “game”, which means she wants to play Candy Crush so she can see if the little girl at the end of the level is sad or happy. If I don’t complete the level she will turn and tell me “It’s okay Daddy,” gives me a big hug and asks “you better?” and the answer is always yes. She shouts at the screen to press “the big one” which is the power up that looks like a Jazzie sweet and screams when it blows up half the screen.

Most people you can categorise in one way or another – Jake will quite happily sit and play himself; he’s able to play with his toys, books or DS without any involvement – Jenna on the other hand doesn’t stop for anything and constantly wants you to “come with me” to show a doll or a DVD she wants to watch. She’s mad, hyper, daft, silly, sweet, caring and downright loopy. I really don’t know if there is a pigeonhole in life that she will ever really fit into – apart from my favourite little girl.

Happy Birthday Jenna X


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