Ikea, I was wrong



Today I’ve been putting together the goodies we bought last week at Ikea – and I have to hold up my hands and admit I was wrong about you. With your wacky names for everything, your famous meatballs, affordable furniture and maze-like layout I’m pleased to hold up my hands and say, “I love you!”

I think it’s the simplicity of the furniture that I like the most – and it’s just as easy to assemble as it is to like. No complicated instructions that are fifteen pages long with indecipherable directions, just little pictures with ticks and crosses that guide you through the process. What genuinely surprises me are the prices and how cheap everything is – now I’m aware that the labour market being used probably has huge moral questions hanging over it but who cares when you can buy a table for £6! (I care actually and I’ll have to double-check they aren’t complete bastards to their staff…) Anyway, for the prices you don’t expect things to last forever, and by the same token if you want to make over a room after a few years there is little guilt because it is not hugely expensive.

Many grumble at the lack of character and the loss of antique and handmade furniture in homes these days, but it can come down to simple maths and what is affordable and the level of quality for that product. The furniture is largely minimalistic in design but that’s the bonus of it for me because I find if you buy something too ornate or fancy it becomes difficult to match other things with it and it can make the room too busy. They have some great designers behind their products and the shop itself is a pleasure compared to most other furniture retailers as there is no-one running up to charm and smarm you as you just take a look round. I’m not really a fan of shopping for house stuff – I like ot work out what I want and where I want it from before I leave the house so I can go in, buy and leave in as short a time as possible, but I’d happily wander round Ikea for a couple of hours getting ideas and seeing what matches.

So the big question really is why on earth do we not have one in Aberdeen? There is a great campaign online on Facebook with several thousand signatories but as yet still no movement. In a place like the North East of Scotland they would do great business with the general public, the twenty thousand students, all the rented accommodation in the city there’s a small fortune to be made up here. Hopefully we’ll see it in the next few years. Right off to bed now – five more flat packs to be built tomorrow!


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