Baby, is it safe to come out yet?


Royal Baby

Well it’s been a hell of  week for the Media Circus in London. So many opinions, interviews and perspectives on the birth of the third in line to the throne that if we wanted an alternative to fossil fuel we could have kept the national grid going on hot air this week. A lot was said but hardly any of it mattered. There were three things we needed to know:

1) Has she had it?

2) Are they both okay?

3) Sex, Name, Weight?

That’s it really. But no instead we had to suffer the banal thought of dozens of people who claim to have insider knowledge or once worked for the second cousin of the duke of Blahblah. The mass hysteria surrounding the couple and their offspring was nothing short of boring and I avoided most of it. Not to say that I am wasn’t happy for them; both William and Kate always come across well and I think that Wills especially holds himself very well with the press considering his mother died trying to escape the parasites in Paris.

I’m glad they are happy and have a healthy child and wish them all the best – I just wish we could have survived it without the likes of Kay Burley and Nicholas Witchell waffling utter bollocks for hours on end. The smug look on the latter when he announced the baby’s name as George Alexander Louis made me wonder if that was the phizog his wife of partner has to look at in moments of passion. Urgh. He really is a “horrid little man” as Prince Charles once referred to him as. He and the others are like leaches sucking from the sore that it tittle tattle. “A source close to the couple…” no Nick just something you made up. “Palace officials tell us that” = They gave you something to get rid of you and your kind.

I am a monarchist because I don’t like the alternative option of President Cameron, but I’m happy with just a half hour news bulletin telling me the highlights. This is the issue with rolling 24 hour news – nothing to say and all day to say it in. DO us a favour – and the family – and leave them alone now to get on with the amazing adventure that is parenthood.



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