The Football


The football season has kicked off today to a rousing….no I’m not that bothered either really. I like keeping an eye on the Aberdeen score and if the game is on the TV I’ll put it on, same with Man Utd. But let’s be honest there are only a half-dozen really good games a season and to sit and watch hours of them to find those elusive ones is a strange pursuit.

I do get the whole supporting a team and going to each match thing – been there and done that and I lost too many afternoons and evenings in the middle of winter to ever worry about going back in a hurry. Mind you if there’s a spare box and some free booze I’m in. I sat at Pittodrie for a good few seasons and really only saw a few really good games in that time – most were 0-0 or 1-0 snorefests. The best games are either cup games where it’s all or nothing or some of the bigger nights in the Champions League. The only point in the season where it is really worth sitting glued to the screen is towards the end if it’s tight for promotion, relegation or winning the league – it’s almost as if the rest of the season doesn’t matter.

The other thing for me is as a Man Utd fan is that I was more a Sir Alex fan and loved watching him as much as the game – I loved seeing him continue to be successful and stopping each newcomer who tried to dethrone him from the top position. As much as I like David Moyes, I don’t know if I’ll care as much this season and I’m more than aware that caring is half the attraction of football. So this season I’ll tune in occasionally, with added bonus of having BT Sport free I’ll catch every game I want to this year – although I doubt it will be many.

Just me with Football fatigue already?


Thoughts? Then share them!

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