There were four in the bed…


So here we are just a few miles outside of Birmingham. After a marathon drive we arrived at the hotel around 8pm and Jill thought we should all go to bed as we’re all sleeping in the same room. Guess how well that’s going?

Well or those of you who have forgotten what a rhetorical question is or the point of them I’ll paint he picture for you all. Me and Jake are sharing the double bed while Jill and Jenna are in the sofa bed, three guesses who is the closest to sleep? Yup, Jill. Jenna is on the iPad and Jake is playing his DS – the chances of either sleeping before the second coming is small.

Why are we here well it’s a surprise for the kids, mostly Jake but Jenna loves this thing as well. For over three years Jake has been asking about going to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor and we always thought that his obsession with trains and Thomas the Tank Engine would pass but he loves it as much today as he ever has. While he has found new and more grown up programmes and interests Thomas and all the Sodor crew are still an important part of his life.

When he was learning to talk the words he learnt after Mummy and Daddy were the names of the engines and being a chip off the old block he could name all the engines that you put in front of him from around that time too. He has the books, toys, track and much more but he does still want to see Thomas “in the flesh” and I’m sure there will be shops as well as the rides to keep him enthral led tomorrow.

Last week I decided that while he was still young enough to fully appreciate it we’d take him down to see it – and here we are. Another year and we might have missed the moment with him and as i say Jenna loves Thomas too – well she hasn’t had much of a choice. We’ll try to get film or at least photos of their reactions because if you can’t hear it from where you are I’ll be surprised, and you’ll want the visual to match the scream.

As Jill gently snores next to me I know that this’ll be a long and broken night of sleep. Wish us luck!


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