Syria, Obama and a ticking clock


Syria Chemicals

When is the right time to intervene? Assad had killed thousands now and with the almost certain use of chemical weapons now is the time to stop the discussions and act. The UN need to lay down the law and prepare to step up to stop anymore needless deaths.

We are living in a hangover of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars where politicians know how jaded and anti-war the public have become. Many of us were wrong about Iraq – primarily because we were deliberately misled by both the US and UK governments – but now with the latest raft of horrific images across the press no-one can doubt the need for some form of intervention. Obama doesn’t want a war, quite rightly as there is nothing to be gained from an aerial assault or attack on the country in the shape of a shock and awe type attack as too many innocent are already dead, but he needs to start making the right noises and showing that he is serious about the consequences for a confirmed chemical attack.

I’m a fan of Obama because of his view of social justice, but now he needs to ignore those around him who are advising him against any form of fighting back. Russia have even conceded that the latest attack appears to be chemical weapon based. While he UN is a great and powerful organisation we’re at breaking point with Syria now – if they refuse to allow entry to the independent experts then they need to act quickly before there are ore deaths. Obama says it’s not the job of the US to “solve” these types of problem – and he’s right – but as the most powerful country on earth and him as the leader a more forceful and threatening tone must now be used otherwise Assad knows that there is no real threat from him.

Unsurprisingly the so-called experts are split on the legitimacy of the footage, but as the hours have passed more are seeing evidence that there was some form of chemical attack whether via missile or another delivery system. We let Saddam Hussein away with this in the late 80s and early 90s and then had to fabricate a reason to get rid of him – this time we need to act while there is a legal reason under international law to remove this callous and  vindictive regime.

How many more dead children need to lie in the street in rows like a macabre tableau before someone stops Assad?


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