So far so good


Homer Woo Hoo

Made it through my first week as a lecturer – mostly because there was no one to lecture and I didn’t actually deliver any lectures. That aside it was a good week and met lots of interesting and friendly folk who I’ll be spending time with Monday to Friday for the foreseeable future.

The strangest thing for me is that I’m working in a predominantly male department for the first time ever; there are only two females in the Core Skills group to the five fellas. It’s not better or worse – just different because in teaching I’m used to being outnumbered by women. The main thing is that they are all good company, knowledgeable and really helpful which has made these first few days easy to get through. All departments have a vibe and I’m pleased that the one I’m in is so positive because teaching/lecturing is a tough enough job without having to fight your way through the crap your colleagues put in your way.

The week has been mostly about induction skills, but as fully qualified teacher there has been a lot of repetition of things I take for granted and have done for nearly a decade now. It’s the nature of a new job that you have to complete the pre-position training as there are only two of us who were previously teachers and have done these things before. The most interesting person I’ve met that is starting alongside me is a gent called Derek who is entering the College after having his own garage for over thirty years. Heading towards sixty he is ready to pass on all the skills he has to offer to the next generation of automotive students. I think that’s brilliant that at his age (and I don’t mean that in a patronising way) he wants to challenge himself and give back to the place he went to himself all those years ago.

My Timetable is nearly sorted now and I’ve a great mixture of classes on it with several different vocations on it from Hairdressers to Electronic Engineers, Media students to Legal students. This is one of the things I was really looking forward to – while my input will not change drastically the people and their area of knowledge will and that’s fascinating. In a secondary classroom you have a real mix of students but they don’t have a collective direction so you generalise a lot, but here I have the chance to learn about new things myself every block; the skills and people will be informing me as much as I will be supporting them to get the essential skills of communication their course demands.

Another week of training lies ahead and the teaching stars on Friday I think up at Altens where I meet the Electronics class for the first time. Then the following week I’m in to the swing of things proper. While the job will not be a million miles from what I’m used to, there is a freshness and sense of purpose returning that I had lost in the secondary sector. I’m sure there will be pressures and quirks in this job as much as the last one but so far, so good.


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