Man Crush


David Tennant

Urban Dictionary sums it up best with the entry: “When a straight man has a “crush” on another man, not sexual but kind of idolizing him.”

With me it’s David Tennant – most likely the whole Doctor Who thing – but nevertheless he’s a great actor and anytime he’s on chat shows or radio I always think he’d be great company and a good laugh. It’s not that I fancy him, while I appreciate many women (and men) do drool over him, it’s more that he comes across as a decent guy.

When we went to London a couple of years ago we saw him with Catherine Tate in “Much Ado About Nothing” – which was really good, first time I’d really laughed at Shakespeare – and afterwards we went round to the stage door to see if we could get the programme signed. Unfortunately the screaming girlies were five deep in front of us and we couldn’t get near. He and Catherine came out to sign and they did as many as they could but they never got near us. I was a little gutted I have to admit; here was my potential best buddy and he didn’t know I was there. I’m sure he’d have been as gutted if he knew, but I froze and couldn’t shout on him.

I mean there’s plenty we could chat about both being Scottish, both fans o Doctor Who, both born on the 18th of April we’d have heaps to chat about – or at least that’s what I think, in reality I’d probably just sit there and babble or stutter a “hi” if I was lucky. From his role as Campbell in the early 90s series “Taking over the Asylum” he stood out as a great actor and when he reappeared in “Blackpool” just before the role of the Doctor came his way my man crush was sealed.

I’m not cheating on David to say there are others I’d love to spend time with or have a chat with too – Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry are both in the mix too, as are Eddie Izzard, Paul Merton, Derren Brown and Dara O’Briain all because of their comedic skills but also because they seem to be hugely interesting people beyond their particular field of success. Hugh fascinates me because of the combination of music and comedy which are my two big loves and his ‘m’colleague’ Stephen is frankly one of the most interesting people in the way he speaks about subjects and has a thirst for knowledge that they’d both be great dinner guests or just people you could go for a pint with.

I know that in reality these people are different away from the public eye and many are secretive about private lives and rightly so – there is too much emphasis on famous faces to “tell all” and I don’t think that any of these people fall into that category. I am also aware that I have very ;little in common with them so if we ever did meet the conversation would be dry, stilted and awkward for all involved.

They always say never meet your heroes but it would be great just to meet Mr Tennant and shake him by the hand to say thank you for the great entertainment he has provided in his roles on stage and screen that I’ve enjoyed. Until then I’ll just have to do with the statue of im as the Doctor that stands alongside Tom, Jon and Matt on my piano and enjoy his company that way instead.


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