How many more need to die like this?


Washington Port


“At least 12 people have been killed in a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, officials have said.

At least four others including a police officer were injured, officials said.

Shots were reported at 08:20 local time (13:20 GMT), and dozens of armed police officers converged on a building at the naval installation.

A gunman was killed at the scene and police are searching for two other “potential” gunmen, Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier said” – BBC Website

Dear America

You pertain to be the land of the free – a secular country based on the principles set down by your forefathers – yet you continue to fight for the rights of some and not for others. In the world you still stand as the biggest and most powerful nation yet your power is rarely used internally where many of the problems stem from.

Although Secular you rely on the Bible and God a lot, only for this deity to constantly forsake you. Funny how your legislature is often guided by religion in terms of abortion, equal rights, same-sex marriage and scientific research. So you have ignored the will of the original settlers on religion yet you are happy to claim that the US Constitution and amendments thereon are sacrosanct, preventing you from giving up your “constitutional right” to bear arms.

If you did bear the same arms as those who signed that piece of paper that you hold so dear then I could almost accept the fact you want to keep the weapons. Today another 12 people lie dead from an attack by one of your own. You’ll travel halfway around the world to avenge the deaths of your people on our soil when those from outside attack you, but if it’s an inside job it’s apparently in the rules. Did you know for example that over 8000 people have died as a result of guns in the US THIS YEAR ALONE – over two and a half times as many as died on 9/11, yet I don’t see the rush to stop yourselves. To be fair that figure is conservative and only includes those that were reported by the press –, where the figure comes from estimates it could be as high as over 25,000 including gun suicides.

Today’s attack happened just a few miles from the Capitol Building in DC – still think that you are safe and your law is worth protecting? How many more innocent men, women and most importantly children are going to die on your soil before you collectively say enough is enough. You are protecting a right that is not only archaic but meaningless in a modern policed democratic society as yours. You ask others about their weapons of mass destruction yes tens of millions of weapons with the capacity to end life walk the streets and grace the drawers in your homes. Lead by example and sort out your guns laws.

You have a choice as a nation, to stand up against those who would rather you were unsafe in your own neighbourhood and cities just to allow them a right to a gun. No questions about Mental health, no waiting times in many states before you can take the gun away, few enforced laws about the storage of these weapons in the home allowing children to kill each other and themselves. You rail against those in the world for not having the same vision as you – do you wonder why that is when you cannot sort yourself out first?

If you continue to say you are safer with guns and their obvious availability, the rampages will continue, innocent people will die and you will run the risk of being the next statistic. Good Luck.



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