£3.85 better off a week? Marry Me!



Well the Tories are in touch with modern Britain aren’t they? Us married folk could be £200 better off a year if David Cameron’s proposal (see what I did there) comes off.

“Other countries recognise marriage properly in the tax system and that’s what we’re doing” Cameron in the Daily Heil

So the big plan is to reward those who are married – straight or gay. Brilliant extra money is never a bad thing. Just a few wee questions for you Dave:

  • What about Single Parents who are bringing up a family on their own because their husband or wife died? They’re struggling to get by, but who cares about that?
  • And the half that was walked out on for no reason and left to bring up the kids – they don’t need any support do they?
  • And obviously don’t worry about all those families that are being hit by the bedroom tax because you’re going to give them back some of the money you have just stolen from them?

What world do these toffee-nosed, elitist, snobbish, cretins think we live in? “Oh thank you so much Mr Cameron sir. I can save up to put on the heating now for an extra week over Christmas. I say week I mean hour.” The government are cutting £25bn pounds from the economy in the next two years, do they honestly believe that this kind of pathetic gesture will help people forget the closing down of hospitals, specialist units, A&E depts., school, libraries or the additional taxes on flights, the bedroom tax, the cuts to disability allowance, the ham fisted nonsense of ATOS telling terminally ill patents and severely disabled people – or even dead ones – they can go back to work.

This latest announcement sums up why I hate the Tories and all they stand for. It’s like giving the servants wee treat of an afternoon off at the Downingstreet Abbey. We should all bow down and thank him for ruining the lives of poor, the elderly, the infirm, the disabled because we’ll get a hand out in return of less than the cost of four pints of milk, a loaf of bread, a bag of apples and a chocolate bar? This Tory party continues the horrible top down approach to government and society that got us into the problems we findi n society today – caused by them and their matriarchal leader in the 80s.

The “Me” culture. The culture that says if you screw the economy we won’t come after you because you are our friends and we’ll look after you – as long as there is a job on your board going when I step down. The culture of sleaze and back-handers and donations from business and tax dodging millionaires  in return for policies being ignored or awarded.

In a country that has Food Banks as one of the fastest growing “businesses”; fuel poverty for the elderly and long term unemployed; social housing with damp or unsanitary conditions; where 5.5 million go without adequate clothing; 12 million people can’t afford simple luxuries like clubs for their kids to go to; where you are punished because you were given an extra bedroom by your local council because of a shortage of one bedroom residences; where 1.5 million children live in homes that cannot afford to be heated, where rich pensioners are not means tested for free TV licences or winter fuel allowances even though many don’t want the payment; where a quarter of the population are living below acceptable standard and where that number has doubled in the last 30 years under all colours of government – yes Mr Cameron that extra £3.85 will buy you another term in office.



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