Is it me? Tattoos


Cheryl Cole Tattoo

I’m Sorry. I know dozens of people who have got them and they love them – but I just don’t get it. For me it’s the modern equivalent of the “Comedy Tie” – an item of clothing used by those without a real personality to put one on themselves. The tattoo seems to be replacing something missing in their lives.

Now let me be clear that I appreciate the fact that they are traditionally used in many cultures and that’s fine – it’s just I don’t remember them being part of ours. I also understand that the ones that are done well can be beautiful – indeed works of art. I think my issue is with the trend of everyone getting them to be an individual. You need to check the definition of individual. Go and buy a t-shirt with the image on it first, or get a henna one to make sure you like it – but please stop covering yourself in tattoos, to cover up the tattoos you don’t like with bigger ones. It looks awful.

The stats speak for themselves with some surveys revealing up to 70% of those who were inked on holiday regretting it. There are also a growing number of employers who say that visible ink is an issue for them when hiring people. Numbers of people getting laser treatment is increasing – especially in women who change their minds after only a couple of years of having them done. Year on year the removal rate is increasing by a third. So why do people do it? It’s not like we aren’t aware they are permanent, so why do people fall into the trap time and again?

There seems to be a statement of rebellion in getting a tattoo, but it seems a bit extreme to go to these lengths to piss your parents off. Speaking of parents I do understand those parents who have lost a child to get a small tattoo of their name – that makes some sense to me and I don’t want to put them into the same category as the stupid people who get it done while pissed. I also support the rights of the individual so I am a little torn with this, but more and more you see people who have had giant tattoos or numerous ones all over their bodies, necks and faces and it’s not a pretty sight. Also the amount of errors that are made in spellings and designs you wonder what planet some people are on in the first place. You just need to Google “tattoo mistakes” to find millions of examples.

Like all trends there are those who don’t know when to stop: tattooed eyeballs, on teeth, inside your lips, eyelids and tongue – what is wrong with you? Then there are the parents around the world – not in places where traditional tattoos are part of the culture – are deciding that it is appropriate to ink their very young children. As far as I’m concerned if you are legally allowed to get one at eighteen, and you do so by choice that is one thing – yes I’m not a fan but I accept it is your decision to make. The decision by parents like the one below is tantamount to child abuse and it should be stopped from happening. This video is upsetting – for many reasons.

The rights of the individual to do with their bodies what they want is something I will always stand up for – I don’t have to like what hey do, but I agree to the principle. I don’t think you look good because you have a giant flower or foreign phrase on your arm, I don’t think your tat above your arse is sexy and I don’t really see the point of a “joke” tattoo like a lawnmower on a bald head or just above your pubic area, because the joke would only work the first time. I know you spent a small fortune on it, but I actually think it looks cheap. I am one of the few people I know who doesn’t have and doesn’t like tattoos – ironically that makes me more of an individual these days than all the people with ink.




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