Conference: Tories


Tory conference

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the Tory party, and that was confirmed by the continued mentions for Thatcher we’ve had just in the last two days – she’s like Michael Myers from Halloween, just keeps appearing when you hoped they were gone for good.

The nonsense brigade have already been out in force with such stupid and pointless ideas as the Married couples tax allowance that punishes lifestyles for not having a piece of paper, or a partner who was willing to stick around, or was still alive. Then Gideon Osborne gets up today and proposes a right wing high five in the shape of “Make the buggers work for the dole!” cries that again misses the point – if the clusterf*ck of ATOS can’t decide if people are disabled, in hospital or even alive to go to work in the first place, I can’t wait to see how this one pans out. Being told by a man who inherited a fortune tell others that you don’t get money for nothing is so ironic that Alanis Morrissette actually exploded when she heard.

The self same sleaze made promises that weren’t achievable in terms of fuel duty and getting the economy back in black – the only AC/DC effect we’re likely to get would be if Gideon plugged in that special chair we had a whip round for. Theresa May has finally realised that the hugely racist “Stop and Search” isn’t working but is vague on what will replace it – I’ve got a fiver on the possibility she works with Osborne on his “Work for Dole” and gets the EDL to do it instead of the police. Although how you tell the difference in some cases…

Everything about this shower of ***** annoys me. Yes this was the Prime Minister who brought in same sex marriage but if rumours are to be believed then it’s something Cameron regrets already. The Economy is going nowhere quickly thanks to Gideon’s friend ‘Austerity’, benefits have been slashed for the most needy in society, the bedroom tax is punishing families just trying to get by, millionaires got a tax cut, they criticised Jimmy Carr for avoiding tax yet did nothing about all their friends in the city doing the same thing, they have eroded the working relationship with Europe and they are still run by a group of elitist, Eton educated, millionaires with no grasp on the reality of of day-to-day life for you and I.

The sooner 2015 comes round the sooner we can kick this lot out.




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