Same old Rangers


It saddens me to say this but if this is how the Armed Forces of this country behave, lowering themselves to the level of Sectarian singing at a Rangers match, then I’ve lost some respect for them this weekend.

And if you’re wondering why this has not made the news, then you’re not the only one:

A former editor of the Daily Mirror has questioned apparent media reluctance to report what he claimed were scores of uniformed soldiers taking part in sectarian singing at a so called Armed Forces Day event at Ibrox stadium.   Roy Greenslade, who now writes for the Guardian newspaper and the London Evening Standard, described the events which took place after hundreds of military personnel had marched onto the park before Rangers’ game against Stenhousemuir on Saturday.

According to the journalist, a group of soldiers were filmed dancing, clapping and singing along with the crowd.  Mr Greenslade suggested that chants were sectarian in nature with references to IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands –

Rangers don’t accept this kind of behaviour though. After a game against Berwick in Feb they said this:

Rangers issued an apology while the match was still ongoing after ESPN microphones picked up the offensive chants. A Rangers spokesman said: “The club is disappointed by certain outbursts of inappropriate singing by a section of the support at Berwick.

“Our fans have been excellent this season both home and away and we do not want to see this tarnished.”

Mind you someone should tell their media advisors and spokesmen:

“The problem is that sectarianism is incredibly hard to define, especially in modern Scotland. Dictionary definitions simply don’t cut it in Glasgow”Kevin Q Anderson is the Social Media Editor at Rangers Media a man who doesn’t understand what a “definition” actually is.

So Saturday’s embarrassment is being kept quiet because:

A) We don’t want the MoD and the Armed Forces to get bad publicity

B) Rangers don’t understand what is a sectarian song as it has never been defied

C) No one is brave enough to stand up to Rangers in the Scottish Press anymore, or

D) All of the above





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