Are you sitting comfortably?


Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time there were people who used to use music artists like prostitutes made them dance and sing for the public so the big bad man made lots and lots of money. But then one day those singers decided that there needed to be a fairer way to split the work and thy started writing their own songs and had their own ideas and music and even image. And then this happened.


and this


and also this


Those artists decided that if they we going to be prostituted they might as well just be porn stars. And the little boys and girls around the world realised that the only way for women to get noticed is by dressing like a slut and gyrating like a fifth rate adult movie star. The music doesn’t matter as long as you look good. So girls grew up thinking boys would respect them if they wore next to nothing and boys thought that all girls that dressed like that were there for the taking.

And they all lived…no, that’s not true or fair. But there are some serious questions that need to be asked.

I’m no prude – not by a long shot, but today with Annie Lennox and Gary Barlow both expressing concerns for the overly pornographic images in music videos and the impact on the kids watching I have to agree. If these artists think that the best way to sell music is to have wardrobe malfunctions all the time then good luck to them – it’s nothing particularly new as pop acts have dressed in this way for decades, but usually only in small doses not all time. Rihanna I’m talking to you.

There is a suggestion that the modern take on female nudity is either empowering or ironic as in the Robin Thicke video for Blurred Lines. I can’t see how it is either of those things, and it’s not something our kids should be sitting watching and seeing as acceptable or normal behaviour. It used to be that the music video was a mini film that you wanted to see – even Gaga was using it in an interesting way – but now it seems to be daytime softcore porn on the major music video channels.

If you’ve got it flaunt it – but I wonder whether there is a deliberate pushing of boundaries here and the acts are seeing the shocked press converting into record sales and YouTube hits. I do wonder that often if you have to use these gimmicks then perhaps you’re not as great a singer or performer so you have to flash your breasts and simulate sex instead.

Our kids are only kids for a short time and as good as many of these pop songs are I think these artists have to be aware that the core group in their fan base is very young and perhaps they should be setting an example in some way rather than rubbing themselves up against models every two seconds.


PS. While I remember, at what point did Sinead O’Connor become the voice of reason?

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