JD’s Bugbears – Oct 13 Edition


Reg Plate

Welcome to a new section of the blog – Bugbears. Basically it’s my monthly list of things that annoy me that don’t rate a full blog to moan about. This month’s moans are:

Personalised Licence Plates

I don’t get it. I’m sorry but if you have that much money and don’t know what to do with it either give it to charity or give it to me. “Oh it helps me recognise my car!” Well it helps me recognise you as well. What’s even sillier is when you see it on relatively inexpensive cars, the saying “You can’t polish a turd…” springs to mind. Strangely it’s also a waste of money if you have a really flash car because we can already pick you out from the crowd with your over-revving and whiff of mid-life crisis. And when did we stop calling them Vanity Plates, because that’s actually what they are. Stop it and grow up.

Guilt Trip Photos & Causes on Facebook

I am more than aware of the poor souls out there fighting horrible diseases, battling injuries and terrible circumstances – so please stop posting pictures and asking me to like them because half my day is spent clicking the thumbs up beside them through some kind of guilt that my family is not suffering, but these unfortunates are. I would love to help all of them but it would get to a point where it was a photo of me needing help because I’d lost my family to a “like” addiction.

Stupid People on the Mugglewagon

Since I’ve been back on the bus to go to work each day I’ve come across several “interesting” specimens that live only in the world of public transport. There’s the people that get confused when they reach the driver and don’t have a form of payment handy even though they knew about it for the ten minutes they stood at the bus stop waiting for the bloody thing in the first place. Then there are the seat hogs who think if they put their bags on the seat next to them that they get both to themselves on a full bus. Shift it sunshine!


From Dexter and Breaking Bad’s final episodes to upcoming shows like the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who you can’t open Facebook or Twitter without seeing someone open their trap and say something that spoils it for everyone. Here’s a little bit of advice for you all – don’t write about it on a public forum if you don’t want abuse in return. Speak to your mates who watched it in direct messages or emails or texts but don’t do it on my timeline where you spoil a show that I haven’t had a chance to watch yet.

Autumn Weather

The weather is being sneaky at the moment. You look out first thing and see blue skies so you dress accordingly. And it waits and watches and just as everyone gets to work or school it does a huge 180 degree turn and throws the wind and rain at you as if Armageddon is a-comin’. The reverse is true too where you see it’s dark and miserable and around ten in the morning it turns into the warmest day of the year. Seriously stop it! There are only so many things I can prepare for in advance.

Silent & Recorded Calls

You run from the other side of the room or house to the phone thinking it’s going to be an important call only for it to be that five seconds of silence followed by the plummy voice telling me that I can get solar panels. It’s just such a rude thing to do – I’m in my house relaxing and not bothering anyone and it shouts and interrupts you until you answer it. Yes you can let the machine get it but then you have to listen to the whole bloody message as it records the whole thing anyway.

It’s good to get things off your chest you know!


Thoughts? Then share them!

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