Turn your neck in love!


Vicky Price

Sour faced, bitter and twisted ex-wife of a politician has opened her mouth and spoken a load of old tosh – not for the first time. Vicky Price the former wife of Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is the woman scorned who decided to rat out her husband for taking his speeding points only for them both to go to jail. So what little gem of wisdom has this former CBE had to share? That “many women in Holloway were there mostly because of something their husbands, brothers and fathers had done”. Really? So it’s all men’s fault is it?

She goes on to say that “More than 50% of women who enter jail have been physically, sexually, or emotionally abused. And those are statistics quoted by everybody.” Yes Ms Pryce and many people still claim that a swan can break your arm but it’s not true. Here’s my issue with the assertion that men are mostly responsible for women who are in jail is absolute nonsense and is a comment that is below someone of your stature.  As a well-respected Economist you should know better than to be so childish and…oh hold on, you’ve a book coming out? That explains it. You’re trying to get publicity. Well it worked.

The issue is that by putting stupid and ill-thought out comments like this you do more harm than good to women. And this is my big issue with the modern face of feminism – blame culture. It’s men’s fault – end of subject. For a woman who herself in the same interview as the quotes above came from said of her own spell in prison, “”I did something, I paid the price of it and that is it.” Yes it is. You had the choice whether to take Mr Huhne’s speeding points and everyone has the choice with the actions they make.

I don’t doubt that there are some women in jail that have been forced into the position they find themselves because of men in their life – in the same way as others will have because of women in their life. It’s not a blame issue. Men are in jail for the same reasons, either due to their own actions or because of influence from others – both male and female. Her comments are a cheap shot and deserve to be ridiculed because she contradicts herself within minutes in the interview. Feminism should be about equality and not finger-pointing and accusations and statements like hers just to flog a book  – it does a great disservice to women.

With her flair for pettiness and lying, maybe it should have been her that became the politician and not her husband.


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