Avenue Q: Blog 4.0



Oh hi there. Is this the right place? Hi I’m Nicky and I’m here to make a public plea for you to come and see this Avenue Q show thing in the Arts Centre in Aberdeen this coming February. The reason being they are talking about replacing me with some super fancy looking American guy – apparently he’s flying in to the country in November to take over the role.

So why should you come if I’m unhappy about this recasting? Well I need all the support I can get so if you come along and wear a “Support the original Nicky” t-shirt or make a banner I’d be grateful. I mean I don’t want you to make a scene, as long as my replacement realises that you bought your ticket to see me hopefully we’ll make the point that it should be local roles for local puppets.

Thing is I’m having a lot of trouble just now anyway. My flatmate Rod has been playing Streisand and Garland tunes until the small hours of the morning and it’s driving me up the wall. Then there’s the upstairs neighbour’s grunting and moaning that is more than a little worrying because he lives alone and doesn’t have a partner. He got hyper speed broadband put in and he has developed “Tennis Elbow” ever since.

Oh I think I can hear Rod coming, he must have finished his bubble bath because the Kenny G has been switched off and the show tunes are back on. Please support me by going to the APA website and buy your tickets and I’ll see you there…hopefully.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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