Think I’m allergic to Winter



It’s always funny when you hear Brits complaining about LA being too sunny and missing the cold, windy, rainy days of the UK. They’re idiots. I’d quite happily live in 365 days a year of warm sunshine instead of the pounding rain and violent winds we have had today.

I’m sure allergic to the late Autumn and Winter anyway as I always seem to sneeze an awful lot around this time of year – pretty much until late spring, so it would explain things quite well really. Perhaps if I mention this to my doctor he would prescribe living in the sun for six months of the year and I could get it paid for on the NHS. It’s not just the weather mind, the dark mornings and evenings are a real downer too. When you enter and leave work only to watch the daylight hours from your office or classroom it really brings you down.

There are several other things about the months from November until February inclusive, that are a pain in the arse; all these celebrations that we force into the timescale for one. It starts at Halloween, then we have Bonfire Night, St Andrews Night, Christmas, New Years, Burns’ Night and Valentines Day all squashed in to try to cheer us all up. The turn around happens again around Easter before we get the Spring and Summer months which have nothing. Not a thing in them – why? Because we’re all fairly happy just getting on with things then because there’s daylight and generally good weather to enjoy. All these celebrations cost money and put pressure on Parents and families in general to enjoy themselves. Forced fun for the masses.

Think about it – during these times we are almost obliged to go and enjoy ourselves whereas in the summer months we decide we want to have a BBQ and phone round more spontaneously without pressure or hassle. “Christmas is for the kids though!” No it’s not – it’s for the Credit Card companies and payday lenders, they’re the only ones that truly benefit from these holidays. Well them and the money grabbing bastards in the Greetings Card industry who play guilt trips on us with most of these dates – even Easter now, when did we start sending Easter cards?

No, I’d happily spend my time in the sun, the warm and the carefree for the miserable six months we have to endure in this country. Rather than catch a glimpse of myself in a reflection wearing a paper hat from a cracker forcing a smile at a joke older than Granda who’s sleeping off his Christmas lunch.

Bah Humbug!


Thoughts? Then share them!

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