Avenue Q – Blog 5: Show me the Funny


Nicky AQ

This is my soon-to-be alter ego Nicky in Avenue Q – handsome wee devil he is, and Celtic roots (and pubes) with the striking red hair too.

The rehearsals are going really well and it has to be said it is the funniest thing I’ve been involved with without question. The real positive is that it’s not just funny for us as performers in that awkward way where it looks like the company are having more fun than you are, but the script is great and el director Stuart is really throwing the whole thing open to allow as much humour to come from the cast too that it is really coming together brilliantly. If we can still make each other laugh just by performing it at rehearsals (and we’ve obviously seen the scenes several times) then it must be funny.

There are moments when you are doing your lines and you can hear Ru or Sophie being brilliantly filthy in the background that you forget to speak and are too busy laughing. It’s okay because we are doing the exact same thing constructing bizarre and surreal “business” at other points, so much so that it got to a point tonight where I couldn’t look at Steve for laughing. There are so many good lines in the show and it’s a real ensemble piece as the funny is shared out well throughout the cast – mind you I think Sophie has the advantage with the sweet little American girl persona combined with the swearing.

The big bonus for me with the show is that although it is a musical – not that much of the show is spoken or without a musical backdrop – it doesn’t feel like a musical to perform. There are some musicals that I’ve seen that feel like songs are shoehorned in through the dialogue just to make them musical theatre, this is definitely a musical comedy and the two integrate really well with some great lines in the songs that areas funny as the general dialogue. When I saw it at HMT the other year it really worked that the music felt almost natural in the show’s format and you didn’t feel it was forced. Not to say that the songs aren’t good – there are some great melodies and there are a couple of really big show tunes in there to please those who are going to see it from a musical theatre angle.

It ticks so many boxes as a show that it leaves no excuse for you not to get along and buy your tickets for it! If you love comedy, it’s for you. If you love musicals – it’s also for you. If you love cursing puppets who tackle issues like homosexuality, racism and homelessness – then go and see a therapist, you’re f*cked up in the head. But it’s for you too as part of that therapy. Ask any of the cast about tickets or click here for your seat at the show in February. http://www.aberdeenperformingarts.com/events/avenue-q The tickets are only £13 (£11 for concessions) and the show runs at the Arts Centre in Aberdeen from Wed 19th – Sat 22nd Feb with an afternoon matinée on the Saturday.

A great stocking filler for Christmas – or a great present to yourself if you have a fetish for puppet sex scenes. You know who you are.


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