Enough is Enough



It’s been a long time coming but I’m there. I’ve had enough. It’s not a meltdown or breakdown, it’s not a cry for help or a call to arms – it’s a statement of fact. This is not a conspiracy theory or a David Icke moment, I just need to get things off my chest before my head really explodes. I’m sure that some will say this was a blog I should have written and not published, but that defeats the whole purpose of how I feel right now. I’m angry and need to vent.

We spend our lives being told what we can’t do, what we’re not capable of in this country. It’s one of the main things I love about America that they have the “dream” idea as flawed and unrealistic as it is they still instil the idea of possibility in their people. We do the opposite – from right at the top to those we have around us on a daily basis. Politicians are the worst as they claim that the world is too complicated for our pretty little heads. It’s not, the world is simple because it’s about people and once you understand and educate yourself about them nothing is insurmountable.

George Osborne was never trained to run a nation’s economy, Gove didn’t go through teacher training and experience the chalk face, Philip Hammond has no real understanding of what it takes to be a soldier on the front line defending his country but he tells others how to do it. What they forget is that they are us. Our elected representatives there to run the country for us – not themselves as they currently do. When people can’t afford to heat their homes but they expect us to heat both their houses they have more than missed the point.  And this shower of toerags represent the problem in this country – the right education, the right class and the right bank balance buys you power in this country.

And this is a problem throughout society – people promoted beyond their means and abilities. We all know several people in whatever industry we work in that constantly remind us that we wouldn’t understand their job. Well there are two reasons for that: one is that they don’t understand it themselves and therefore make an enormous f*ck up of it at all possible opportunities; and two it’s actually really easy and they can’t believe their luck – either way we, the underlings, need to be kept in our place. Everywhere I’ve worked has had someone constantly justifying their jobs and in doing so belittle everyone below them to keep them in their place and that is wrong.

We are patronised at every turn in society from reality shows, blockbuster movies, books, newspapers and other people who talk down to us at every possible opportunity because again we must be kept in our place and not rise up and question them as if we were pointing and calling out the naked emperor in the street. Stop patronising me; I’m intelligent – more intelligent than you give me credit for and I know what you’re doing. All these idiots that gaze down their noses at us making us feel small and unimportant are wrong. We’re better than that, and we’re better than you because we don’t have a superiority complex.

And our society is now constructed in such a way that we are held down by false fear generated by the top to push us down; forced to see the world in a certain light because the true pictures would scare or intimidate us; being patronised by the over promoted in society sneering at our achievements to make them feel better about themselves. YOU ARE WRONG! We are intelligent, brilliant, creative, capable people  – and we are your equals not your step up or footstools. Stop pushing us because we will push back. We deserve better. We want better.

I have had enough of the way I am treated by the world around me assuming the negative and the obvious – I’m better than that. See me for what I am, my ability, brains, talent and stop putting me down. And that goes for everyone else as well – don’t think that because you reach a certain rung in life, that life can’t redress the balance. Karma’s a bitch and doesn’t care about money and privilege and power.

Stop nodding and smiling along and start fighting your own corners and putting up with the crap we have to. Push. Push against it and question it and demand from it and take from it. That’s how they got there in the first place – and the more of us up there, the less of them to worry about.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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