Happy Birthday Sis!



What can I say about my little sister that hasn’t already been read out in court or appeared in the local press?? Oh Yes – Happy Birthday Kay.

Born at a young age, which is standard for babies, she came into our lives and within hours I asked if we could put her back. Mum had lost the receipt by this time – or something similar – and nothing could be done; we were stuck with her. As the ginger member of the family she has spent most of her working wages disguising the fact that she’s a carrot top – so I won’t mention that. Or her obsession for certain pop acts. She has over the years been obsessed with several unusual musical maestros: Backstreet Boys, Cliff, Shakin’ Stevens to name but three, but her biggest guilty pleasure from the world of music has to be the leg end that is Jason Donovan.

It was 2001 when Kay’s lowest moment came, standing in a rather run down half empty, Monday night Amadeus. She had dragged some people with her to see the once average pop star to a Student Night that I was involved with organising. This shuffling creature in a white t-shirt, Nevica jackets and ripped jeans made his way to the stage having enjoyed some – or all of the 18 double vodka and Red Bulls he had requested. Everyone stood and looked on at this sad shadow of the once all conquring Scott Robinson of Neighbours fame sing “Any dream will do” (twice and forgot the words the same amount of times) and everyone’s favourite (*shrugs*) “Too Many Broken Hearts”. I will never forget the sight of a young, stupid and probably quite tipsy young woman called Kay, stand and shout “I love you Jason” over and over. I will remind you that she was around twenty at this time and can’t blame innocent youth on the embarrassing scene I watched that night.

Her other obsession is Christmas and anyone who has worked with her at Scott’s will testify to the fact that she can’t stop herself when it comes to tinsel and Christmas music (Cliff again!). At home you would be serenaded from mid October by the dulcet tones of those Crooners singing the old Christmas songs from a bygone era on repeat for ten weeks. God knows what she put her workers through – at least I could escape the house. Even now I can guarantee that she has already played all her Christmas songs at least once, made my nephew Archie try on several bizarre outfits and costumes and will have emptied all accounts buying presents and tat for the yuletide season.

One of her key skills is wrapping men around her little finger – if you doubt this speak to any of the three men she has had most success with doing this: Dad, her former boss at Scott’s, and now her husband Chris. She is very good at getting her own way – you can see the sense of helplessness in Chris’s eyes when she is talking about her next big plan or idea. He knows that he’s beaten before he even has a chance to open his mouth – poor man. As for work if you ever want a pay rise just ask Kay, she squeezed more money and promotions out of her former work than a politician does out of an arms dealer. She’d be perfect as an interrogator trying to get info out of a criminal – never mind waterboarding just send in Kay.

All jokes aside she is a great sister and a good friend too. She’s always been supportive through all of the ups and downs we’ve been through and I’m very proud of the way she approaches life. She’s a little toughie with a heart of gold and a woman who knows her own mind. She is generous, thoughtful and a great mother – Archie will want for nothing with Kay and Chris around and you know that Kay will always be in his corner so he’ll never have to worry about anything. She’s hard-working, determined and headstrong, but those of us who know her well are aware of the soft centre that lies beneath that tough exterior.

Happy Birthday Sis X


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