JD’s Bugbears: November 2013


ott xmas

Early Christmas

It’s November, so why are there Christmas decorations and music being foist upon us already? There’s a house just round the corner from us has had their lights up now for three weeks! There should be laws against it until at least the 14th December each year. And why is it that the worst off areas of town have the money for the biggest, gaudiest, ridiculous light displays and inflatables? If that’s my taxes you’re spending I want a rebate. I’m not anti-Christmas, well not entirely, but can we please just wait until nearer the time so we can actually enjoy it and “feel” Christmassy rather than be sick of it before we even hit December.

Leggings and Tights

Hi girls. I get that it is a trend or fashion or whatever but you have to stop wearing short shorts with tights in this weather if you are going to moan that it’s cold. This goes for the skimpy clothed girls in general – don’t moan to me that you are cold if you’re not wearing enough to cover yourself. Put on a decent jumper and a pair of trousers and save the hot air to keep yourself cosy. There is nothing stupider than the half-naked teenage girl wearing a scarf. Well almost nothing, because someone needs to have a word with the larger teenage girls and explain to them that if the black leggings they are forcing over themselves become see through then it’s not a good look. I’m not having a go at the larger lady, but surely one of her friends would take her aside and explain that everyone can see her arse through the overstretched fabric and it ain’t pretty.

Bruce Forsyth

I love Sir Bruce – we all do, he’s a national treasure. But sometimes national treasures have to be put into storage and away from the public eye for a while. He has had a great career and I’m sure it’s not over yet, but I’d advise he stops doing live TV as it’s getting embarrassing for all involved. His appearances on Strictly have gotten worse over the last few years but this year it’s actually making me cringe rather than get angry about it. I feel sorry for him because no one has had the guts to tell him to go and he’s an old pro and won’t go without being pushed. Daly and Winkleman are a great combination and would be better doing the job together from next year onwards. Sorry Bruce, it’s time to take a bow and exit stage left.

Like this Picture, Pictures

Yes it would be nice for the child to get some likes, yes I’m aware they are ill and it would cheer them up, I’ve even liked inanimate objects, but it’s getting old. I appreciate that all these things are for good causes and for worthy individuals but some of them smack of “wannabes” rather than people who really need our attention. There was one yesterday that said something about being  teacher and they wanted to show how quickly photos got shared and liked online – a good lesson but not just to get likes and shares for yourself and your ego. There are plenty examples out there already that you could use. I’m sure I’ll still click on some for the wee kids or for soldiers but to the rest of you give it a break please.


PS Please Share and Like because I’ve got a nasty rag nail and would like to get to 100000000000000000000000 likes to make me feel better 😦

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