Fun! That’s what is feels like again!


AQ Bon Accord

There is something brilliant about running wild, being silly and having a laugh. I’ve really missed it – genuinely missed it. Being let loose to run around the Bon Accord Centre promoting and flyering for Avenue Q was great fun – the two fella selling Sky might not agree but we had a laugh.

I think this gets to the nub of why I’m bored and pissed off at the moment – beyond the obvious mental health issues – just being silly and letting go of all the constraints of “the right thing to do” is liberating and we should all do it more often. It’s one of the reasons I’ve long called for grow ups play areas in parks, male crèche for men in shopping centres and Hoodles/Smugglers’ Cove for the parents (never mind the kids). The themed blogs this week on counting down the days to Friday and wishing away your life are sadly true, and I’m aware for a large percentage of the population it makes them happy to be grown ups and have that routine, but for us dafties…

Life is a horrible Black and White world where there are more than fifty shades of grey but all of them are straight-laced, boring and serious. Just once in a while we need to rank up the colour, contrast and brightness and let go, have fun. I’m not a drinker or someone who partakes in drugs – I know some people find their escape that way – so I want to find other ways of flexing the wilder, creative, funny, extroverted side of me. Ideally it would happen in the shape of a job but I’m more than aware of the likelihood of that ever happening so you need to seek out the chances to shake of the shackles of society. One great way is through spending time with the kids.

Jake and Jenna are at that age where you can be really silly with them and their laughter tops up that multi-coloured thermometer of joy in you. Tickle fights, silly voices when reading stories, singing at the top of your voice, chasing each other. Wouldn’t it be great to go into work tomorrow and have a giant game of hide and seek? Or get everyone outside on the patch of grass for a game of rounders’ at lunchtime? When did we lose it? When did we grow up and forget the simplest joy is good old fashioned fun. If you can make someone smile it lifts your day, if you make them laugh it lights up the room – that’s why I adore going to see comedians because they get to do that for a living. Well most of them – I have seen a couple this year that I’d rather forget. But kids have it – is it an innocence, a naivety or a lack of awareness of the rules?

I think this is one of the reasons we all fight so hard again society and the media making kids grow up too quickly – to lose that purest of joy in you is one of the greatest losses in your life.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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