Feels like a hangover without the night out



You know the feeling of the dry mouth, the banging headache and the feeling of nausea that lingers long after you have heaved everything – including internal organs up after a great nights out? Well I haven’t thrown up or had a great night out but the rest is true. These new meds are something else – it’s like you switch from being tipsy to toasted within minutes of each other.

I know that I have to persevere with them and let my body acclimatize to the new and exciting chemicals that are seriously f*[#ing with me just now but it’s not the easiest of experiences. My head is absolutely pounding but I don’t want to take to many other things just now – even though I could because I need to get used to it. I think that I’m going to have to find a dark corner at work to hide away and find complete silence to get through this – the flourescent tube lighting really doesn’t help me.

I can also understand how people gain weight on these as I feel almost permanently hungry – also the negative things like the headaches and nausea seem to disappear during eating and drinking too. Trying to drink lots of fluids, water and that vitamin water that I laughed at a few months ago but is actually quite nice but not full of sugar and sweeteners.

It can take anything from three to six weeks for your body to get used to this kind of medication and up to three months for them to do the job they are prescribed for. All I hope is that it stop being so invasive of day-to-day life sooner rather than later. It was tough enough to get through days when the depression was in play, but this is worse in so many ways because this feels more self-inflicted – even though it is supposed to help.

Sleep is the best thing to come out of the meds because within a week I’ve gone from only sleeping for five or six hours to seven or even eight a night. I can’t remember the last time I regularly did that. The issue is getting up in the morning – not because of the depression but because I still feel so tired, and that feeling is lasting throughout the day at the moment. I’m sure things will settle down and with the holidays just around the corner I’ll get some time to catch up with myself and my sleep and hopefully be ready and raring to go in January. Well, okay, they’re not miracle tablets! You know what I mean.


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