More than a Woman



Why is it you can take a set of individually intelligent, beautiful and funny women and when they are put together they become a hideous and stupid mess? Seriously, what is it that happens amongst the female species that stops them thinking and getting on with each other? Now I know that I will get some abuse for this post, but before you type your response and say men are just as bad – if not worse – I wouldn’t argue with you, but it’s rare to find sensible men in the first place. I don’t mean to be sexist, misogynistic or controversial in this post – but based on what I’ve seen in the last few days, and in the past, I still don’t understand how such clever and capable women can lose all ability to think just because another girl is present.

Without question all female or close to all female classes are unbelievably badly behaved and more likely to cause trouble, throw a tantrum and make issues out of minor things. Attitude is one of the biggest issues with so many stroppy women who just won’t listen or take advice. The “sisterhood” is more important to them and they’d rather be seen as strong to them than admit defeat. Also they are more likely to use their gender with a teacher of the opposite sex. Female students flirt more, flutter eye lashes more, do the “I don’t understand because I’m just a girl” routine and sulk more than males do with female teachers. I can easily say that I’ve had more hassle over the years with female pupils than male. Male will more often than not take a telling and eventually be quiet – girls would rather keep arguing (something that never appears to stop either).

Then there are the girls that stop thinking when other women are around. I spent the best part of five minutes watching a group of four women try to work the pay station in a shopping centre car park all getting things wrong at every opportunity. They tried to pay with cash but got confused – this was after trying to put the ticket in every slot except the right one – when this didn’t work they then paid with a card. This wasn’t enough for them though because they all started asking the person who paid by card if they had actually paid and were they going to get out. As I paid for my ticket (successful first time I may add) they were all walking back to try to pay for it all again. I would have offered to help but they did say something like “It’s not usually a problem.” which suggested to me they had been to a pay machine before.

Then there are the blockers and texters. These are groups of young women and teenagers who insist on walking three or four across a pavement not speaking to each other but on their phones and in everyone’s way – the walking equivalent of a pensioner behind the wheel. The look and attitude you get if you say “Excuse me” is harsh to say the least. They don’t just appear on random pavements but also in doorways, shop entrances, ATMs, supermarket aisles and numerous other places and they always seem to think it’s your fault when they are in the wrong. They must graduate at some point because older ladies continue to manage all these obstructions but standing still in the middle of pavements as they chat to their friends.

Then there’s he general group mentality. I would rather be faced with a group of guys than a group of girls on a night out because something happens to girls when you add alcohol. Guys can be a huge pain in the arse too obviously, but I find women are more aggressive and mouthy than most men these days. It’s like the pendulum has swung so far the other way that girls are making up for all the time men were unbearable by being loud, rude, filthy and raucous in pubs and clubs. They fall out over everything – no night out has ended because two guys disagreed over something, they would punch each other and move on – and form gangs on either side of a silly argument.

But my point is that in all these occasions if you get them on their own they are charming, witty, clever independent women who are capable of whatever they put their mind to. Add another and they seem to half each other’s IQ, another and it’s divided into thirds and so on. Why is that? Why do they start screaming and waving their arms around? Why do they lose all capacity to be sensible?

Me just being a mortal man wouldn’t know.



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