Run Down – Should be and Feel


Run down

A great combination of side effects from the tablets, feeling run down as we near the end of the second term of the year and the lurgy that small people decided to bring home with them from school. Adding to the nauseous feeling I’ve had with the tablets and the dizziness, today has had added headaches and lethargy and thirstiness which refuses to be quench. At my age drinking too much during the day means a long night of visits to the little boys room.

Having colds and general lurgy is something I have always been susceptible to anyway and I’m more that used to blocked noses, coughs and sore throats. It’s almost a novelty for me not to have a cold and it used to be strange when I was singing with the band as those rare occasions I felt good I could hit most of the notes without coughing up two tons of phlegm first. Last year I got the flu jab and it did help a bit so I’ll have to get that sorted again. I suppose the other major issue is that I need to shift some weight and eat a more healthy diet to try to feel better – the new year resolution that just won’t go away.

It doesn’t help that things are getting busy in the lead up to Christmas anyway with most days either myself or Jill are out/working/working second jobs/rehearsing & promoting Avenue Q/out with the kids etc. Every year it seems there is more to squeeze into the three weeks leading up to Christmas and I suppose it won’t get any easier as the kids grow up and have an even busier social diary than their parents do (as if they don’t already!). And without sounding like the Grinch you do have to wonder why we pack all this celebrating into one corner of the year – we should really spread all these social occasions or catch ups with friends and family throughout the year but we’re all too busy then as well. We seem to invent time-saving devices to then fill with more things. Bloody enterprising humans!

Though it has to be said I’ve never been a caricature male when it comes to “Man Flu” – Jill’s a bit more guilty of that than I (sorry dear but you are!). Because I’m so used to having the cold I’ve always just got on with it – probably diseasing others as I go but all the same I believe taking time off is more hassle than being in feeling crap – there seems to be something that happens even if you are off for an afternoon here or there that means shit hits fan and work load doubles in your absence. Also I always feel better getting up and on with things as it takes your mind off feeling like death warmed up – today I put up the Christmas trees and I’ll get the rest of the decorating finished over the week.

Bed early tonight and hopefully I’ll sleep off the worst of whatever it is that’s making me feel like this. If not it’s time to hit the beechams/lemsip/Sudafed/ibuprofen cocktails to kill or cure. Cheaper than taking me to the vets.


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