From one extreme to the other



I’ve gone from not being able to sleep and not needing sleep to being blooming tired and not sleeping enough. Even last weekend when I managed a full eight-hour sleep I still felt like I had been deprived of my sleeping time. Today I feel like there are heavy weights fixed on to each of my eyelids or a hypnotist is trying to put me under and I’m fighting it – mostly through “restless leg syndrome” which has made a reappearance lately.

I assume it’s the new tablets that are making me lethargic but it’s not the most helpful thing when I’m trying to get everything marked and out of the way before the Christmas break next Friday. There is so much to get done with a few hundred reports to be read and marked I am struggling to keep the concentration needed to get through them. I’m busy just now anyway and I really do wonder how on earth I managed to balance the band alongside a full-time job for so long –  it genuinely baffles me where the time and energy must have come from over the last decade or so when I was teaching full time and working evenings & weekends.

My alarm clock is no real use at all and doesn’t get me out of bed – think I’m going to have to set two or three and place them strategically further and further from the bed to be able to get into work on time next week. This week I have made it in on time each day but only just – Thursday being the tightest as I turn to look at my clock seeing it read 07:55 when I start at half past eight! That was a quick turn around – largely helped by a lack of traffic too it has to be said. There have been mornings where my brain has said to hit the snooze button but my hand has done its own thing and just switched it off entirely.

I thought that having a “fuzzy” brain was bad, but this is worse as I really can’t look at a computer screen for very long before I can feel the muscles in my eyelids get heavy and that strange feeling of tiredness washes over you while you try to stay alert. I just hope that over the Christmas break I find time to rest up properly and recharge the batteries completely  as it feels like I haven’t really stopped since I began working here in August. I don’t think it helps that I’m drinking more tea than I used to so the wee caffeine bursts are probably not helping the issue either, but having the cold and needing the warmth it’s the easiest option when there are canteens in each campus.

It’s been a long sixteen weeks so far, I just hope that I stay awake long enough to see the seventeenth.


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