Strictly Girls Dancing


Strictly Come Dancing

After several weeks – some more bearable without Brucie – we are at the final four and for the first time it’s an all female final for the show. Without question I have been really surprised at the standard the dancers have produced this year and the improvement in all of them is amazing. But who will win? Well the bookie’s favourite is Susannah Reid, but I reckon a cheeky bet on Abbey might be a good flutter too.

At the start of the series I tipped Sophie, Susanna and Ashley to be the final three and I’m disappointed that Ashley didn’t go further as I thought he was very strong. The big surprise to me was Abbey though and the way she completely loosened up and blossomed as the show went on. I don’t know if it was nerves perhaps worried that she might damage her image by doing the show but the initial couple of weeks were wooden and lacking any engagement with the dances – then she came to life. This is the reason I started to watch a show a couple of years ago because you see this development as people learn and develop the skills building them up and becoming genuinely good at something they had little or no experience of in the first place.

Sophie has had her ups and downs and it wouldn’t be too much to say she peaked really early with the amazing Charleston she did near the start of the series. I thought it was one of the best I’d seen in the show and she really looked and danced the part. From there on she rarely bettered or even matched the showmanship of that performance and at times dare I say it her dances were a bit dull. Speaking of which Natalie might be a good dancer but she was from early on in the series – but she really lacks that connection to the audience that some of the others have. The fact that she had a lot of dance raining as she was growing up does put her at an advantage but what she has gained with that she has lost elsewhere.

So to Susanna. Ah Ms Reid. For a few years now she has been a little gem on the morning sofa on BBC Breakfast and she has really sparkled with her performances this year. She has really enjoyed herself all the way through the process and it has really shown in her performances. Some have commented on the fact that she is very beautiful woman as well but it’s not something I had noticed…. She and “Kevin from Grimsby” have been a great partnership and I think that she might just win it. While it would be fair to say that on improvement it should be Abbey’s Trophy as she performs as well as the professionals at some points, the public loves that has the ability. Also the fact that she has been called things like “mumsy” and other patronising terms by Bruno and Craig will put the public squarely behind her in the final – we all know that you can’t mess with the mums! Just because she’s got three kids and is in her early forties doesn’t mean she can’t be sexy and sultry…not that I’d noticed.

So my winner is Susanna purely for the joy, effort and talent that she has produced over the last three months, plus Kevin has been a wee star in his first series so it’d be great to see them crowned the winners at the weekend.


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