Saatchi carry on Nigella



I know this is going to be unpopular but I don’t care – a couple with too much money are complaining that they were diddled out of lots after giving those that worked for them credit cards. My heart bleeds. I know that Nigella is seen as some kind of goddess by the middle classes of this country but I don’t see the fuss myself anymore. In fact this whole fraud trial has just made things more embarrassing for an already ridiculous couple. Obviously the physical attacks on her were wrong, but all the rest of the case has been tittle-tattle and nonsense of the highest order.

Her overtly sexualising on her cookery shows was so over the top that even Harry Hill struggled to try to make fun of it anymore than it was parodying itself. Wow she’s a fuller figured lady and she has an unusual name and she is the daughter of blah blah blah. I couldn’t really care less about the pair of them but it’s as if we have walked into a modern day version of “Downton” and are seeing what the Master and his lady get up to according to the servants. While I don’t condone fraud – if indeed that’s what this turns out to be – if it is true you can almost understand why you would with this pair.

What comes out of it all is that there are a pair of people who obviously were as bad as one another in so many ways and it’s hard to find any kind of sympathy for them. At times when you read about famous or rich people who have money stolen from them by workers without them knowing anything about it then that is a shame – here it appears that money was left lying around and a credit card was handed out for “expenses”. The drugs issue is another piece of media fluff. So what if they or she was on cocaine – there’s a massive dollop of hypocrisy from many in the media for pointing and laughing while their own powder is still wet on that front.

What I find truly saddening about this whole affair is that there are two children stuck in the middle of this whole escapade. Lawson’s two children from her marriage to John Diamond are 16 and 18 and have watched a divorce, domestic abuse and now this whole trial played out on the public stage leaving no stones unturned. While I’m sure they will have learned to live in the limelight to some extent this must be tough on them to watch their mum being torn apart in public like this. While I’m not bothered either way by her they are and I feel for them. They lost their Dad, John, when they were only young and now they see their world being torn up in front of them again. There’s an argument here that for a man of an estimated £110m with a £7m house they should have maybe kept quiet and saved themselves his embarrassment. But from the photos we all saw earlier this year being sensible is obviously not his forte.


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