My Letter to Santa



Dear Santa

Sorry it’s been a few years since I’ve written – I’ve been busy and you know how you lose touch with your childhood friends as you all grow up. How’s the family?

Thought I should write to you and ask for a couple of things if that’s okay as I would say I haven’t been too badly behaved this year…if you are willing to overlook that incident with the donkey in the garden centre, and the mistaken identity of the young lady in the changing rooms, and… never mind you know I’m not “Syrian” bad so here’s my list:

I’d like some sanity please. This year’s been a wee bit like my head – confused and uncertain. The new meds are bedding in and I’d like 2014 to be a little more settled and straightforward please. I know it’s a big ask as I’m not the most sane but anything you can do to pave the way for better mental health next year would be appreciated.

I’d like some positive news on the job front too if you can manage it – I know it’s not the “Whack Attack” I asked for as a child but stick with me. Next year will make it ten years since I entered the world of teaching and it’s a good point to move on a start something new, exciting and challenging that stretches and tests me in new and interesting ways. I’ve enjoyed my time, the people on both sides of the desk that I’ve met but we both know that it’ll only end badly if I can’t move on in the near future.

Next on my list is happiness – a big ask I know but you are always allowed one big present. The problem is I don’t know in what form that should be. Financial happiness is an obvious one but perhaps seeing everyone in good health and happy with their lot will rub off on me and help things along. There are too many people down at the moment and it seems that we all need cheering up a bit so if you can give me enough to pass round that’d be great.

Time would be good if your elves can make some more of that. this year has flown by and looking at the kids you wonder when they grew up so quickly – when was Jake nearly seven for goodness sake! They are both great kids but I worry that they’ll be all grown up and away before I really get to know them properly. Mind you there are times i feel the exact opposite so that present is optional.

Finally I’d like good things to happen to Jill. She has been the sane one in our house even when her own sanity has been tested with the other three loopers in the house. She never asks for anything, rarely moans but is always there for the two kids and the third overgrown one regardless what the problem is. She needs a good, happy, healthy year with less to worry about and more time for herself.

In fact forget the list I’ve just written. Give all those things to her instead because as long as she’s happy, sane, has time and knows that I’m working away to give her some extra time and space then we’ll all be better off.

All the best to Mrs Claus and I’ll leave the usual out for you on Christmas Eve

Love John 35 & 3/4ish



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