Karma can be literally translated as “action” in Buddhism and is one of many things that can have an impact on life; in science Newton’s third law states that for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction; and in life, like fiction, you always hope that the bad guys get their comeuppance.

I’m not a religious person but I’d like to believe that we have some kind of balance in this world that means that those who react and take action in a negative way will eventually find that the world pushes back against them. As any decent scientist will tell you observation is key but you need to be objective in these things – but I’d say I’ve seen a few examples of Karma kicking back in my time and today was another example of this. While I don’t want to be specific about the event today – or gloat in it either because that makes me as bad as them in many ways – it is interesting to me that those who “talk a good game” and are overly aggressive in the way they treat the world tend not to be the ones to progress in it very well.

I’ve seen a couple of people who in work terms see themselves as the most important person in the machine and look down on all those around them, bad mouthing others behind their backs yet are nice as you like to their face, coming up short when it counted. Being the self-styled “most intelligent” or the “only one that could do the job” is all very well but sometimes you need the hard workers, the quieter and often more dedicated employees to be given the chance to shine. There are too many that think the world owes them something – it doesn’t. I always believe that those who work hard and are generally decent people should be rewarded – this nice guys finish last theory is only perpetrated by those bullying arrogant figures that just want others to feel threatened by them. I’m pleased to see that that hasn’t happened today and it would be great to see more good people see the benefit of their time and effort rewarded in some way.

Away from the world of work there are those who behave like that in social circles too – there are those who push and expect everyone to dance to their tune. I’m pleased to say we don’t have any such friends like that – not anymore! They are the ones who take everything you can offer from time to money and rarely if ever manage to return that favour. Like leeches on your life they just vomit up things you never wanted in the first place – problems, arguments, attitude and general negativity. If you’ve got that in your life it’s time to get rid – New Year, No more fear.

Good things happening to good people is a simple thing to say, but it’s an even easier thing to make happen in your own life. Do that good deed, go that extra mile, be a great friend to those who are great friends to you. It’s not hard, and you never know that if Karma or whatever you want to call it does exist then we might see the benefits. Bottom line is you’ll have great friends and feel good anyway. Maybe that’s all the reward you need.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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