Last day of School




Pupils and teachers alike are looking at the clock and counting down the hours and minutes to the end of the school day and term. Yes the teachers even more so than the pupils in many cases as they know they have to rip down all the decorations and pictures before they get to the pub or home for that first (or second) glass of wine of the day.

The opportunity for the primary school teachers to spend a few days without being covered in glue and tinsel is a happy thought, and for their secondary colleagues it’s the escape from all the DVDs – usually Elf – they have had to watch because there was no chance of getting work out of the kids. Two weeks off = happy teachers. And for us lecturers it’s no different as we escape the hungover and tired faces that sit in front of us during that last week – some of which don’t belong to the students either.

You wouldn’t know it was Christmas here as there is little if any decoration to be seen and there isn’t a buzz about the place because no-one is young enough to be excited and few are old enough to have kids of their own to pass the excitement on to. It’s a Christmas Limbo where it just feels like another day or week at work. Even the weather this year has been strangely mild – the last two or three years have seen snow by now so it seems strange to be sitting here looking out at blue skies and clear pavements.

For my friends in the working world some have already clocked off for the year, others will be back in Monday morning hating all the “lie in” posts on Facebook they have to read through before finishing on Tuesday lunchtime. And of course today is the aptly named “Mad Friday” where middle-aged people are released from their homes to go into town where pubs and clubs have “changed their names since last time” and generally make arses of themselves.

For me it’s always a good feeling on the last day of work before Christmas as you know the next two weeks are all about family and friends and catching up with everyone you haven’t seen for ages. You know that by the time you return to work you will be sick of cocktail sausages, cheese and crisps, but will still be working through all your (and your kids) chocolates and sweets.

So enjoy your last day at work, whenever it is. Just keep your head down and pretend you are doing something vaguely important as you check Facebook and read rubbish like this!


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