News Media – learn to drop the H


Dear Media Outlets, here is your guide to understanding the difference between two people with the same name:

Ian WatkinsLostprophetsband

This is Ian Watkins a convicted paedophile found guilty of 13 child sex offences – two women who helped him were also jailed.  This is a low life piece of scum from a band called Lostprophets (Pictured above – and using your eyes you will see Watkins is second from the right) – if you were to search for the name and band in tandem you would find that it was a fairly straight forward process to work out who this is. This is a man who raped a child, sexually assaulted three more, took sexual photos of children and also owned images of bestiality. Not only that but his fans volunteered their children for him to sexually assault.

Now I realise that having the same name and combining that with “algorithms” to write your news and source your pictures could cause issues but it’s really simple. He like his almost namesake comes from Wales but really those are the only two similarities and with a bit of intelligence – artificial or otherwise – that’s something that could have been worked out. I would also ask those same media outlets that are trying to squeeze any last drops out of this story not to report on his words from prison or the idiotic fans who still stand by him as he doesn’t deserve any publicity from now on. The courts have done their job now let’s leave the bastard to rot in jail and be forgotten by society.

Ian H WatkinsSteps

This cheeky chappy is “H” from the band “Steps” (Pictured above) who had a string of hits in the 1990s and early 2000s. Due to his name also being Ian Watkins and coming from Wales there are some rather dense and lazy news services who are blaming their computers for using images of him instead of the abhorrent piece of sh*t above. Again it took me seconds in an internet search using the words “Ian Watkins” and “Steps” to discover the millions of photos of the gentleman above. Google, CBS and E! Online have all used his image incorrectly instead of the Lostprophets lead singer. While Steps may not be your music of choice you have to accept that this is not something you would want to happen to him.

“H” is a decent guy who has had his name tarnished – with possible defamation of character thrown in – just because someone else has his name. The saddest bit is that even after getting a public and court apology for the mistake there were still certain news reports that made the mistake; you can understand how upsetting and damaging such a mistake can make to someone’s life and he is currently discussing it with lawyers whether there is a case to be answered here.

For me the main thing that comes out of this is the fact that Google claim that it is a computer’s fault – by use of elongated maths equations – shows why there are issues in the world. I type this up each day and search for he info and pictures that are attached, if there are any errors they are mine (and I’m more than aware I make errors from time to time) but for my hundred or so readers a day I am not causing untold misery to people through those mistakes. Here’s a crazy idea – perhaps each story and photo should be checked before published if you are a worldwide and hugely popular source of news? Just a thought.

So see this as an early Christmas present –  your cut out an keep “Don’t be a dick” guide to knowing the difference between two people. Use your eyes you morons.


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